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Episode 138

Episode 138 Pic

Another week goes by and more Batman news releases. Jaime and Andy give the rundown on the latest happenings related to Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman as well as Gotham and the rest of The Batman Universe. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • I just discovered you guys while searching for something to listen to while I drive. Unfortunately I don’t know much about you yet, but someone said something that really resonated: that the summer of 1989 changed my life!! I totally got Bat-fever and it’s never gone away. I too bought (rather, my very generous parents bought) everything I saw with a Bat-symbol on it… Comics, Keaton-style mask for my 1st Batman Halloween costume, cups, necklaces, pictures, posters, toys… Everything. That was an amazing movie summer by the way. Ghostbusters 2, Indy 3, Parenthood… The list is long. I think Dolph Lungren Punisher came out that year too. I had to buy the VHS from a guy at a comic convention. You remember those days when you could decide if you felt like going to Comic-Con the morning of? That’s the era we’re talking about. Anyway, I know so much already about the Bat but it’s thrilling to know there are others out there as crazy as I am. And I am SO freaking excited about BvS and was especially psyched to hear the rough cut was good. Everyone’s been concerned because of Snyder’s tendency to value imagery over story/substance. I just CANNOT wait. Keep up the good work! I’ll be listening!

  • Obviously, you’ve seen the gravestone with “Richard Greyson” on it. Oh Man. I sure hope that’s a photoshopped image. Seems like the DCU would suffer if there was no successful Robin. And what about Nightwing? I sure hope it’s that Nightwing is out there and Jason Todd was killed. Also, something I’ve never seen, and what I hoped would be incorporated into Dark Knight Rises (but obviously wasn’t) is the post-Death in the Family story “A Lonely Place of Dying”, where Batman is more alone than ever and is getting brutal with criminals. I really liked the psychology of that. Here’s hoping…