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Episode 138: The Judas Contract Special

Take a dash of the original “The Judas Contract” comic and add a sprinkle of the 2017 “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” film, and you have this special! Join Tom Panarese and me as we take a look at the original story from a different angle and then tackle a commentary of the film.


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  • Ian Miller

    Very much enjoyed this episode, despite my general dislike of the Teen Titans concept (for me, the characters always suffer by having to compete for screen time, especially when they’re so radically different in skill sets and background). I’ve been interested in The Judas Contract because of the upcoming The Lazarus Contract, since I’m following the current Deathstroke series by Christopher Priest, and it promises to tie into this classic tale. Having watched parts of the animated film, I have to disagree with Tom – I don’t think the film is trying to show Terra being redeemed – she does save Beast Boy, but the reason she brings the facility down on herself isn’t because she feels guilty, but because she is completely overwhelmed and literally out of her mind with rage and despair. I actually really dislike the “Oh, she’s evil” narration in the comics – there’s no sympathy, no hint of anything except insanity, which is kind of unfair to mental illness. So I found the more sympathetic, but not redeemed, portrayal of her self destruction in the climax a lot more powerful. That being said, the depiction of Deathstroke in The Judas Contract comics was really fascinating, whereas he’s kind of just a mysterious evil guy in the film, greatly weakening the depth of his character.

  • Chris Karnes

    Good show; good info and you both covered a lot of ground. I had very low expectations with respect to the “movie;” the comic book story was one of my personal all-time favorites and I didn’t want to see it with any different characters. Further, although I am warming up/getting used to it, the DC/WB house animation style (similar noses on characters) hasn’t been my cup of tea. With all that, I confess I liked this much more than I thought I would. Although I missed Donna, I am glad she did get an appearance. I think it did a good job overall conveying the story elements and characterizations for the format; and I liked the vocal talents of the cast.

    As someone who was buying/reading New Teen Titans prior, during, and after “The Judas Contract” initial release in comic books, I have to tell you the panels depicting the reveal of Terra (complete with the ominous shading on her face) working for Deathstroke in New Teen Titans #34 (mind you, a few issues before “The Judas Contract” played out ) gave what (pre-internet) fandom I was involved with a hulluva emotional gut-putch. All my friends were shocked when this issue came out; it was widely talked about and sparked debate and conversations. I don’t know if #34 is collected with “The Judas Contract” trade paperbacks, but to me, if you wanted the weight and impact of this story in comic book form, you should at least go back that far (hell, maybe even to the introduction of Terra). Back then, the months I/we waited for the culmination of this plot point revelation to get to “The Judas Contract” story was excruciating

    Actually, the name of the Benny Mardones song is titled “Into the Night;” (“If I could fly” was a line in the song.) And indeed, a very creepy song and if you thought the song was creepy, you should see the video: