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Episode 138


Join Dustin, Ed and Stella as they cover comic news from the past two weeks including a discussion on Nightwing #30. They also review Batman #31, Batman and Robin #31 and Batman Eternal #7-8. 



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  • Jason

    With all the cancelations going on in DC…. what titles would you like to see DC add and more specificly what new Bat titles would you like to see? 

  • Donovan Grant

    LOL the reason I didn't give it a zero is that the final sequence was decent ENOUGH…but the final line from Dick is betrayal. But mainly, I didn't give it a zero due to blind mercy. It seriously sucked.

  • Terry

    Another great show, guys.  I had a thought about the final fate of Nightwing.  It occured to me that Batman isn't the only person who knows Dick is still alive.  Looking back over the pages of Forever Evil #7, no fewer than half a dozen people know that Dick is still alive either because they were there in the room when Lex Luthor brought him back to life or because they encountered Batman as he was helping Dick out of the destroyed Watchtower sattelite.  Combine this with the fact that most of these people are some of the DCU's biggest supervillains and it makes Batman's decision to keep it from the whole Bat-Family even more tenuous.  Even Catwoman knows because she was there to witness it all.  I doubt this will change the way that people feel about it because most people seem to think it's dumb at best and cruel at worst to hide it from Dick's family and friends, but this just seems to make it worse.

  • Donovan Grant

    ^Well it is cruel. It's the cruelest thing we have ever seen the character of Batman do, and it's completely unjustified. At least in Death of Oracle, Barbara was kind enough to let the Bat-Family (plus Misfit) know that she was still alive. Bruce's so-called "plan" is going to send Alfred into an early grave, and when this all gets revealed, there's no reason for any of the Bat-Team to speak to him again. It's a rehash of the ending of Death of the Family and makes even less sense.


    Why is it that DC wants Batman to be written as unlikable as possible? I've said it before, but everytime this sort of thing was done in the past, it was always a plot element to develop the characters' relationships by the end.

    -Batman keeps tabs on the JLA to exploit their weakness in Tower of Babel, Batman reveals his identity to the League to earn back their trust in Divided We Fall.

    -Batman acts like a jerk in Bruce Wayne: MURDERER, then apologizes and everyone's happy by the end of Bruce Wayne: FUGITIVE.

    -Batman acts like a paranoid psycho in the lead-up to Infinite Crisis, Batman takes a year off to travel with Nightwing and Robin and calms the heck down in One Year Later.

    At this point now, DC has confused Batman's manipulative paranoia as a legitimate part of his character. People now say "Oh Batman's a crazy guy who doesn't trust the Justice League or his team or anybody but himself" but that's been proven on multiple occasions to be a negative aspect that he's since exercised. I understand that this is a new universe, but in this new universe that aforementioned negative trait has been grafted onto his personal makeup. Why? What purpose does it serve? No one likes him like this, why does this have to be?