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Episode 139

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Jaime and Andy are here for a shorter episode featuring some of Henry Cavill’s comments from his press tour for his new movie, who Jim Parrack is playing in Suicide Squad, and some DC Tv news. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Andy P

    Hey Andy and Jaime,

    Despite the lack of news, I thought it was a great show. And may I say, there is no faster way to win my loyalty than with a three amigos reference, so excellent work there!

    So here’s something for you guys to maybe discuss on the next show. I’ve gathered that Andy is a huge fan of the Riddler. For whatever reason, I’ve never been impressed with the Riddler, so I just want to request that Andy sells me on the Riddler. He sold me on Young Justice back near the beginning of the year, and that turned out to be awesome, so I have the utmost confidence in his selling abilities. Also, while we’re at it, I want to hear about Jaime’s favorite villain and have him sell whoever that is!

    Second thing, it has been so long since we heard about Old Scoot McNairy, and I can only assume that he takes up the majority of your workplace conversations and that you both lie awake at night wondering who Old Scoot is playing. What are your latest theories?

    As always, thanks for the excellent podcast, and I hope to hear from you guys next week!

    Andy P

  • Greg C

    Hey Guys,
    A long time listener here and have been meaning to comment for a while. I always look forward to your show every Monday as it is something to help me through my dead-end job. I think your show stands out due to how positive and good-natured you guys are. Even repeatedly being called annoying seems to amuse more than insult you guys, it is hilarious – never change!

    I do have a question for you as well; Every time a new Batman is cast everyone seems to have an opinion on why that person should NOT have been cast but there is never any consensus who the definitive Batman should be, I think he is one of the hardest characters to cast in live action. Do you guys a dream live action Batman – it can be any actor from any era (John Wayne all the way up to Joaquin Phoenix) just someone you think would be a perfect Batman.

    I really like the show guys, keep up the great work and looking forward to next monday!
    #confirmed #annoying #thrilling