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Episode 14

TBU Bat-Fans E14


In this episode Tim and Dane are joined by Bob from Batman-Knightfall.com to talk about The Dark Knight Returns Animated Movie, how Tim is related to George Harrison, bad haircuts they had when they were kids, the special die-cut covers for the Bat-Books during the upcoming Death of the Family crossover, the different editions of The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray and special features, and cover the comics from the past two weeks.



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  • Rob

    Carrie Kelley Robin does make an appearance in Batman The Brave And The Bold #13 Callin All Robins. Dick, Jason, Carrie, Tim, Steph, & Damian all in one book. verry cool. Great episode guys.. soo cool to hear all of you together again

  • Tim Geraci

    Thanks Rob! That's right, I remember seeing that Brave & The Bold issue in the solicitations one month, and thought it would be a cool issue to get, but I never saw it at my comic shop, and sort of forgot about it. I'll have to pick it up digitally once it's on the DC app, because I still don't think my comic shop ever got that one in. Thanks for the reminder!

  • Hum

    Okay I'm going to cry… I've been looking for you guys in the internet for a year now… I finally found your new podcast… do you know how hard it is to search your names in net. they are too generic. tim, gary, and dane… wow… but yes i finally found you, my months will be complete and my batman addiction will be fed… Thanks awesome podcast episode as always. ^_^

  • Tim Geraci

    Glad you were able to find us again Hum! Sorry it took you so long though. Hope you enjoy the rest of the podcasts!