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Episode 14

TBU Bat-Fans E14


In this episode Tim and Dane are joined by Bob from Batman-Knightfall.com to talk about The Dark Knight Returns Animated Movie, how Tim is related to George Harrison, bad haircuts they had when they were kids, the special die-cut covers for the Bat-Books during the upcoming Death of the Family crossover, the different editions of The Dark Knight Rises Blu-Ray and special features, and cover the comics from the past two weeks.



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4 thoughts on “Episode 14

  1. Rob

    Carrie Kelley Robin does make an appearance in Batman The Brave And The Bold #13 Callin All Robins. Dick, Jason, Carrie, Tim, Steph, & Damian all in one book. verry cool. Great episode guys.. soo cool to hear all of you together again

  2. Tim Geraci

    Thanks Rob! That's right, I remember seeing that Brave & The Bold issue in the solicitations one month, and thought it would be a cool issue to get, but I never saw it at my comic shop, and sort of forgot about it. I'll have to pick it up digitally once it's on the DC app, because I still don't think my comic shop ever got that one in. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Hum

    Okay I'm going to cry… I've been looking for you guys in the internet for a year now… I finally found your new podcast… do you know how hard it is to search your names in net. they are too generic. tim, gary, and dane… wow… but yes i finally found you, my months will be complete and my batman addiction will be fed… Thanks awesome podcast episode as always. ^_^

  4. Tim Geraci

    Glad you were able to find us again Hum! Sorry it took you so long though. Hope you enjoy the rest of the podcasts!

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