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Episode 14: Batman: The Movie (1966) Commentary-Drinking Game

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Watch and drink along to the Batman: The Movie Commentary and Drinking Special.

Drink whenever:
1. Robin says “holy” something.
2. Riddler poses a riddle.
3. Catwoman meows.
4. Penguin quacks.
5. Joker laughs.
6. Sound effect swipe or Bat symbol transition swipe appears.

And if you REALLY want to get crazy:
7. Drink whenevr Jimi mentions Star Wars.
8. Joe states an eroneous “fact.”
9. Joe does a bad impression.
10. When Mike puts his foot in his mouth.



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  • mikeprace

    I apologize for any listeners that were offended by anything I said or did on the pod cast. I Make no excuses.