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Episode 140

Episode 138 Pic

Jaime and Andy are here to cover the news from last week. Discussions this episode include Batman v Superman costume designer’s recent comments, General Zod having flippers, a recent Gal Gadot interview, Suicide Squad tattoos, the passing of Yvonne Craig and Batman ’89 coming to Arkham Knight. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Andy P

    Hey Andy and Jaime,

    Thanks for selling me on the Riddler, that was fantastic.

    So I’ll be quick this time, hope you haven’t already recorded, but here’s something I’ve always wanted to hear your opinions on.

    Who is your favorite of Bruce Wayne’s love interests, and why?

    Question number two. What villains/stories would you like to see told in the upcoming Justice League part one and two? How about in the Wonder Woman movie?

    Thanks as always for fueling our Bat-Obsession!

    Andy P