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Episode 140

(Vintage comics) Recap episode. After gushing about the new “Wonder Woman” film, I go through five issues of Detective Comics in 1997 where Barbara appears but doesn’t necessarily have an impact on the story. I give a full review of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10 and Batgirl #63/11. Chris gives his Batman ’66/’77 review and I finish the episode with my literature recommendations. Stay tuned after the show for a special look into “Alien: Covenant”!


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  • So much Detective Comics! While I do like getting the education on Babs that comes with your admirable dedication to thoroughness, I do admit I’m eager to hear the next vintage Birds of Prey review! Also, have you ever considered publishing your Massive Spreadsheet of Babs, or making some kind of timeline for longtime fans and newcomers to follow along with you? (I have my own Massive Spreadsheet of Steph 😉

    I thought the Blackbird arc was a bit less successful, because the middle issue was frustrating in only featuring one of the Birds – I really crave team interaction with this book – but I did like the conclusion. I also agree with you on the Son of Penguin finale – it just feels like there are too many elements that aren’t coming together. But I think the art, despite coloring that’s a bit lackluster compared to Allan Passalaqua’s stunning work on the current Birds of Prey title, is really standout on the solo Batgirl title.