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Episode 141

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After a week off, Jaime and Andy are back to cover all of the latest news including the new Batmobile arriving at the WB Studio lot, Michael Shannon retracting his flipper remarks and Suicide Squad wrapping filming. All this and your listener feedback discussed. Be sure to leave your comments below for the future episode.


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  • Dave

    Hey guys,

    I don’t think this been discussed yet on the show but I wanted to hear your thoughts on the comments made by WB CEO Kevin Tsujihara in a story posted August 19 on the Hollywoodreporter.com (link is posted below). In it he talks about the reasoning behind the delay in the release of “Dawn of Justice” and even more interesting was his statement that he’s seen the movie multiple times. If you have already discussed this please ignore.


    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • Albert V.

    Hey Andy & Jaime

    Another great pod, i find it awesome that you guys still manage to put out an entertaining weekly pod even when there isn’t much news or material out there to cover, and i find it in no way annoying lol

    Do you guys remember the days when loving batman and comic book things wasn’t mainstream, when people would’ve never fathomed the thought of a cinematic universe for comic book superheroes let alone two competing universes. I do and i like to call those days my childhood, i grew up in a small town with no comic book shop and one theater that only had three screens, that being said I somehow still found a way to become a huge batfan/comic book fan. I credit that in large to my parents, I remember my dad watching batman 66 episodes with me and taking me to opening night of batman 89 and buying me shirt to wear to the showing. I was a kid during Batman The Animated Series so naturally I was never awake Saturday mornings to watch it, no worries my mom had the vcr set to record and needless to say i never missed an episode. I remember the first comic book i read in my life was one my mom picked up from a garage sale, frank millers dark knight returns, who in their right mind sells the dark knight returns at a garage sale. Funny thing is my parents couldn’t tell you the difference between batman and superman, i think they just put themselves through torture to support their obviously geeky son lol. Well anyway didn’t mean to ramble with a stroll down memory lane just wanted some perspective for the question i want to ask you guys. When did you know you were a batfan and how was your fandom cultivated (i.e. parents, friends, movies)?

    Keep up the good work guys
    #confirmed #annoying

  • Andy P

    Hello Jaime and Andy,

    Great work calling out Michael Shannon, he’s gonna be feeling pretty sheepish when he listens to this episode.

    So I remember a while back, Jaime casually mentioned the Deathstroke fight in Identity Crisis, unknowingly and unintentionally selling me on that book. I read it and thought that that fight was just about the coolest thing ever. Just wanted to know from the both of you, which is your favorite Batman fight from the comics? Personally, I love Bruce’s rematch with the Mutant gang leader in the dark knight returns, Batman vs. Ra’s (pronounced with the ‘sh’) in Birth of the Demon where Batman takes a shovel to the chest. And I just can’t leave out the recent Batman vs. the Justice League from the Endgame arc.

    Thanks for the episode, great as always!

    Andy P

  • Boomer Deane

    Hey Guys! I just started listening to your podcasts about 3 weeks ago but I must say I am an avid fan (understatement). After listening to this episode I loved the brief discussion about Aquaman and the seemingly shared perception most of the DC fans have of him. I am a longtime and loyal DC fan, and I used to be one of those guys that just could never really take Aquaman seriously. This could be from lack of interest in reading his solo Volumes or just because I spend all of my time reading the Batman, Superman, Flash, Batgirl etc. issues. But I just wanted to say that people should really check out Flashpoint paradox if they want to see a version of Aquaman that it seems most people wish were more canon. I loved his character in this story. He is truly ruthless, and even though he is more violent and evil in this story… it really brings out the potential in him in terms of a more darker and grimmer tone of character… something I am hoping to see in BVS Dawn of Justice. Not an evil and remorseless Aquaman, just a more serious version of him. Thanks! -BDeane