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Episode 142

Episode 142 Pic

Join Andy and Jaime as they cover the last week of news related to The Batman Universe. What will be discussed? It is a mystery this week, so tune in and find out. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Odavious

    With Bill Finger finally getting the long overdue credit for his contributions in shaping the character we all know love and worship,will this become a trend in comics and other media for those who go uncredited? Also if you could choose the villains for the rumored Ben Affleck batman trilogy who would you pick? I would like to see some we’ve never seen like Hugo Strange,Black Mask, and the obscure Deacon Joseph Blackfire. As always great podcast!

  • Eric K.

    Hey guys, I wanted to write in and say that the show continues to be great! I’ve listened since the rebooting of the podcast and have now started to listen to Holy Batcast. I left a review and even though I didn’t win, I wanted to let you know that both of these shows are my go to podcasts while commuting to work. So keep up the great work!

    It sounds like you are both on the fence with Gotham. I’m warming up to it but definitely was expecting a more hard-boiled procedural cop show. I thought the season premiere was ok and am interested to see what we see with season 2. Here’s my question. What type of Batman do you think would fit into the world Gotham has created? Would a version we’ve already seen in film or animation work? Or do you think a new take on the character would be needed for this universe?

    My second question concerns Dark Knight Rises, specifically because I just went back into the Holy Batcast vault to listen to some old episodes. I haven’t finished the look back at Rises so if you addressed this, my apologies. But what is your theory on how and when Batman escapes The Bat as it carries the bomb out over the bay? It’s something that drives me crazy because every time I watch, I cannot find any clues or hints at how he escapes.

    Apologies for the long message. To bring it back to current Bat news and rumors, your recent podcast story on Michael Shannon was going back and forth on his set story had me laughing out loud. I think you should use #flipperslap whenever you deem appropriate.