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Episode 143

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After a week off, Jaime and Andy are back to talk everything from The Batman Universe. Is Batman v Superman Man of Steel 2? Who would Gal Gadot have played if she wasn’t pregnant during Man of Steel? What recent group from the comics is coming to Gotham? What new rumor regarding DC characters could be a film? All this and more, so listen and be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Eric K.

    Sorry I think this was missed from the previous cast and really wanted to hear your thoughts on my questions…

    Hey guys, I wanted to write in and say that the show continues to be great! I’ve listened since the rebooting of the podcast and have now started to listen to Holy Batcast. I left a review and even though I didn’t win, I wanted to let you know that both of these shows are my go to podcasts while commuting to work. So keep up the great work!
    It sounds like you are both on the fence with Gotham. I’m warming up to it but definitely was expecting a more hard-boiled procedural cop show. I thought the season premiere was ok but thought episode 2 was amazing and am now interested again to see what we get with season 2. Here’s my question. What type of Batman do you think would fit into the world Gotham has created? Would a version we’ve already seen in film or animation work? Or do you think a new take on the character would be needed for this universe?

    My second question concerns Dark Knight Rises, specifically because I just went back into the Holy Batcast vault to listen to some old episodes. I haven’t finished the look back at Rises so if you addressed this, my apologies. But what is your theory on how and when Batman escapes The Bat as it carries the bomb out over the bay? It’s something that drives me crazy because every time I watch, I cannot find any clues or hints at how he escapes.

    Apologies for the long message. To bring it back to current Bat news and rumors, your recent podcast story on Michael Shannon was going back and forth on his set story had me laughing out loud. I think you should use #flipperslap whenever you deem appropriate.

  • Boomer Deane

    great topics discussed in the previous episode guys, I’m a new listener and loving the podcast more and more with each new discussion. holy batcast also becoming one of my favorites as well. I thought the robin question from the last episode was excellent and actually made me think pretty hard as to who I could see playing each of the robins. I really liked the Nick Hoult suggestion. As for Zac Effron I feel he would be a decent choice given the age of Dick Grayson that I feel many fans are accustomed to, and the resemblance could easily pass with many fans. I just have never seen him play any roles requiring action/fighting sequences, nor do I believe his acting range can adequately capture the Dick Grayson that Chuck Dixon has set the bar high with with his incredible writing ability for the character. I was thinking maybe Richard Madden (Robb Stark in Game of Thrones) or maybe Aaoron-Taylor Johnson who actually has super-hero acting experience sprinkled with similar Nightwing humor.

    But because that was already touched on, I wanted to ask you guys if Gal would have played one of the villains in Man Of Steel, who could you see as your two top wonder woman replacements? I would say Kate Beckinsale (Underworld) and Gemma Arterton (hansel and gretal female lead). thanks guys!

  • He Andy and Jamie,

    Good to hear you guys again after a week off… but as i write this i believe you are back again after another week off haha….. life how dare you get in the way of Batman Day…. see what I did there…. ok my issue with this years Batman day. First off i enjoyed it great day. Started off with playing some of the new maps for Batman Arkham Knight (Jamie are you still playing, i haven’t stopped since its release) then I went around and collect as many of the free Batman Day comics as i could get ,also i was also able to score the Arkham Knight action figure (huge action figure collector) from Game Stop along with the comic .. missing only two comics though, FYE and Barns and Noble. (damn my city for not having these two!) I ended the day going OLD school with the 1940’s (43′ and 49′) movie serials. have you seen those? they are a hoot to watch. The first ever live screen adventures of Batman and Robin… No one ever noticed Bruce was driving Batman’s car… or was that the other way around? i would watch them as a kid at my grandparents when i stayed the night it on public access TV (PBS). So cool that you can get them now on the cheep at Walmart.

    Ok question statement… My “issue” with this years is. This year is Robin’s 75th Anniversary. Now do i expect that the day should have been called Batman and Robin day…. ok maybe a small part…. but what i was looking for is more of an acknowledgement of Robin’s 75th. Last year was Batman 75 so i get that… but Robin is the other half of that. i was kinda let down a bit. Now i know also this year is Shazam, Green Lantern, The Flash, The Specter, Hugo Strange, Catwoman, and the Joker’s 75th all being created in 1940. Now all that being said aside from the Joker which sadly really didn’t receive much 75 treatment (Snyders End Game and some variant covers) I didn’t expect there to be Shazam Day or the Specter Day but it’s Robin, I thought there should a bit more at least on Batman day. what do you think? I think 75 years for anything is a big deal.. especially if it still going on in some for and have never really stopped.

    Thanks guys love the show as always, talk about everything or talk about nothing… as long as it’s Batman (and Robin) #notannoying
    Everyone Loves The Drake POD and soon to be released TBU Special POD Batman and Robin Eternal

  • oh my God the typos…. note to self don’t wait til the last minute (8:00am for me on a Friday) to send emails grrrr. .. (corrected words) …especially if it still going on in some FORM and HAS never really stopped. While I’m here.., again ill ask this. Could DC ever stop publishing comic and only use it characters in Movies and TV and video games?