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Episode 144

In this episode, Dane and Tim give a review of the latest animated movie set in the 1966 TV series universe, Batman vs Two-Face. They also talk about Deathstroke getting his own film, Zachary Levi being cast as Shazam, the first piece of music from Danny Elfman’s Justice League score and the possibility of hearing his classic Batman theme again, Stranger Things season 2, Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, and as always, review the latest Batman comics!


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  • Matthew Groenheide

    I’m really enjoying this podcast and the broad look at all things Batman from comics to movies and beyond. Tim does a great job of giving a broad overview of whatever aspect of Batman he’s looking at and speaks passionately and intelligently about it. My one complaint is that Dane seems to put so much less work into this podcast than Tim. If he’s the co-host of this show, shouldn’t he also read the comics and watch the movies that will be talked about on this episode? Tim talks at length about the pros and cons of a particular Batman story and when he finally asks Dane for his input, he has nothing to add to the conversation,. “Conversation” is the key word here: Dane needs to take some effort to read and watch Batman stories, so he can have a conversation with Tim. Tim, keep up the great work.