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Episode 145

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Andy and Jaime are here to cover all of the latest TBU news including Bob Kane getting a star on the the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Batman v Superman in Total Film, David Goyer’s reaction to seeing the BvS for the first time, Rosario Dawson voicing Batgirl and much, much more. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Andy P

    Great episode, I always love to hear what Brian is up to, and Ol’ Scoot for that matter.

    Couple of questions for you two, first of all, I would like to hear your expert opinions on this matter. Now that we’ve had a couple months to process things, I want to hear what you guys think about the ‘mysterious’ sections from the latest trailer; namely, that scene underwater with the scuba diver, the horses riding across Middle-Earth, and Wonder Woman getting slammed into the debris. Also, and I’m sure you’ll talk about this next time there is an episode, now that we’ve had some pretty strong rumors about the solo Batman movie involving Red Hood, does it change your theories on the state of the Robins and who sends Bruce the note about letting his family die?

    One other thing for Andy. I am also getting married this winter, and was curious as to how Andy is going to work Batman into his wedding. Let’s hear about all the Batman wedding gear you’ve got going. Maybe this way I can try to sneak some of that into my own wedding.

    Thanks as always, and say hi to Brian for me when you see him!

    Andy P