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Episode 146

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Jaime and Andy are here to cover the last two weeks of news related to The Batman Universe. In this episode they discuss the Empire magazine covers and images for Sucide Squad, Jared Leto talking about Joker for the first time, why David Ayer believes that Suicide Squad is a comic book movie 2.0, new rumors for Batman v Superman and the new additions to the Gotham cast. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Jason Daniel Murphy, From Jamaica

    Hello Andy. Jaime. It has been awhile. Enjoyed this week’s episode, as always. I just found this interesting piece of news online:
    Please discuss.

  • Michael Downey

    Hello Jaime and Andy, I was curious about what you think Cyborg’s role in BVS may be. He’s mentioned in the cast and there seems to be a number of football related cast members on IMDB. Do you think they will try to slip in a Cyborg origin in BVS? Also, I would love to hear your opinions on DC keeping their television and cinematic universes separate instead of merging them like Marvel has done. Lastly, Jaime had requested that someone sell him on The Dark Knight Strikes Again, not sure that I can sell it that well, but here it goes: The art is not very good in the book so I can’t sell the book based on that, but the story is definitely worth the read. Lex Luthor and Brainiac have leverage on Superman and have installed a fictitious President in the White House. Batman continues to build his army and frees several Justice League members from their various prisons. It is discovered that the President may be a digital puppet and Batman,with the aid of Carrie Kelly, who has now graduated to Catwoman, and other members of his crew seek to take out Luthor and Brainiac with Superman as their obstacle. There is more media bashing and political unrest thrown in there for good measure and it does stay exciting throughout. One part I’m sure Andy won’t care for is the treatment of Dick Grayson, I wasn’t pleased either. But a good story over all. Thanks for listening.

  • Guy

    Hey Guys, I can’t download the podcast anymore, every time I hit the link it just refreshes the page and I don’t want to go through i-tunes. I was just wondering if you could help me? Any ideas?

    • Dustin Fritschel

      We are aware of the issue and are trying to resolve it. In the meantime, if you click the RSS link below the player box, it will show you the feed and allow you to direct download the latest episodes.

  • Guy

    Perfect!! Thanks