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Episode 146

The curmudgeon everybody loves, Tom Panarese, is my co-host for this episode! After a short and sad message about BTO’s friend, Remington, Tom and I talk about Grant Morrison’s JLA before Tom gives more information about the series and we both review JLA #18-19 from 1998. After some listener emails and responses, we continue our reviews with Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #13 and Batgirl #14/66. Chris give his Batman ’66 review, and Tom and I both give our literature recommendations to end the episode.


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  • Excellent show! Glad the newcomer Bensons could win the enjoyment of the veteran comics fan! I really enjoyed the analysis of the two modern series.

    I will continue patiently waiting for the Birds of Prey – after all, it’s Babs’s best series, and Stella can’t put it off forever!

    (And I won stuff apparently! 🙂 )