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Episode 146

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Join Dustin, Ed and Stella as they cover the last two weeks of comic news. They cover Batman #35, Detective Comics #35 and Batman Eternal #26-27. Stay tuned for a new segment and leave your comments below.


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  • jesse

    Hi. Just finished listening to 146 and thought I would drop a line as requested.

    The more books you guys review, the more I like it. Got out of comics for a lot of years and have been getting back in mostly by listening to TBU podcasts.

    I like the spot light idea as it is nice to hear what is going on in the rest of the world.

    I just don’t have the money in my budget to get all the books every month, but hearing the reviews, it seems like I still get to enjoy good storytelling.


  • Damian Wayne

    So glad the comments sections are back! I love the new section keep it up! I also miss the QnA section could that come back too? I love hearing you discuss as much as possible so I’d love to hear spotlights, QnAs, and perhaps integrate Batman and Robin back in just because Damian is awesome. Anywho great podcast lady and gents.
    About the two spotlight books:
    Gotham Academy is pretty awesome. I like that it’s connected but not intimately. It’s nice to meet an entirely new cast and get to know some new people and see their take on such an interesting environment. I make a habit of giving new stories a chance and this book definitely was worth it.

    Batgirl was pretty cool. I’m 24 and Babs seems like she could be any one of my friends so even as a guy I really enjoyed it. Plus since I’ve been in comics I’ve tried to really round out my knowledge of the entire batfamily, so I am excited that this is a book about Babs that I can actually stick with.

    Also Injustice is mind-blowingly aweomesaucetastic.

  • Terry Hughston

    Hey guys and gal, another great episode! To specifically answer the question for which you wanted a response, I love the idea of the TBU Spotlight. I was a huge fan of the .5-Cast and still read pretty much all of those 30+ books a month just because I love so many of the characters so much. So, I’d love to hear your favorites or your summaries as you have the time and are willing to share them! So many new and exciting things are going on in the Batman universe right now and it’s fun as a fan and partial contributor to see and hear TBU firing on all cylinders.

    Also, I was planning on asking you guys another question as well. You mentioned how you were all genuinely surprised (as was I) with the ending of Batman #35. Scott Snyder had to have used a lot of pull at DC to keep it a secret because that has just not been their trend lately. I think the most egregious of such offenses was spoiling the death of Damian early. So, knowing all of that, my question is do you think we will truly find out who the new Robin will be before we read it in the pages of either Batman & Robin or Robin Rises: Alpha? Do you think DC can keep it under wraps to maintain the suspense/surprise or will we see a huge interview with Newsarama a week before where Dan Didio or Geoff Johns spoils it all?

    Keep up the good work.

  • Terry Hughston

    Well, nevermind that last part. :p

    • Damian Wayne

      Terry I literally laughed out loud at this.

  • Ryan

    Hello Stella, Dustin, and Ed,

    Long time first time here.

    I support the idea of talking up the highlights of issues that you all don’t normally cover. Furthermore, if you think a particular issue is great, I think you should be able to recommend it in that section too.

    You all are doing great work.

  • Tanner

    Hey! Great episode guys and gal, I’m liking the new format to your show! Now my question is more a discussion point. In Batman #35 we read batman taking on a jokerized justice league. Ever sinse reading forever evil I have wondered, “just what would batman do to defend himself from the justice league, what would he use? And where would he take the fight?” In the pages of Forever evil we see that over the time sinse batman has met the justice league he has gathered a weakness for almost every leaguer and stores them in cases within the Batcave. Cyborgs case was more recently opened in Batman and Robin #35. In the famous words of “batman is always prepared” I thought the fight was entertaining. Aquaman was taken down alittle too easily, and I had to read over the book twice to understand how Wonder Woman was apprehended. Otherwise I thought Bruce’s defence against the Flash was obvious and simple, but good.
    Would you be interested in seeing a larger arc of Batman against the League? Do you think Snyder did this well in the 23 page space he wrote it in? Thanks again for the great listening content I look forward to the next episode!

  • John

    I’d love to hear highlights of extra books. My funds are tight and I can’t buy all the books I’d like to buy. So, highlights would be awesome. Thanks for all the work you guys do. It is greatly appreciated.

  • Michael DeLozier (rhymes with William Dozier)

    Late to the game here; but I agree with some other posters. I like the idea of a spotlight on the other batfamily books, as I don’t have the funds to buy them all (if I want to stay married 🙂 ). I don’t mind longer podcasts at all; I just know it’s more work for you all.
    Thank you for all your hard work to keep us updated and entertained.