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Episode 149

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Andy and Jaime are here to discuss the latest trailer for Batman v Superman. In addition to the trailer, new updates for Suicide Squad, Wonder Woman and Aquaman are here. Also what classic member of Batman’s Rogue Gallery is coming to Gotham? Find out and leave your thoughts below.


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  • Odavious

    Just dropping in one more time to comment on the negativity surrounding this new trailer. I’m sure a good percentage of it is trolling,but I’ve heard voices on other podcasts that aren’t even about comic book movies or movies at all state they can’t wait for this movie to come out so they can hate on it.
    Smh I don’t understand that aspect just hating on something with no legitimate complaints. There are those who don’t like DC characters or Zack Synder or this movie doesn’t have the version of Superman for example they want to see. This movie looks like it’s going to amazing and I can’t wait to be there to see it. I’m at a point that I just turn off when I hear the negative comments these people will not steal my joy,I just want this film to do tremendous box office so we get more from the DCEU.
    Alright guys that’s what I wanted to say so as always great show keep it up.

  • Omg u guys are great! Who does your art work. Love the Mr Freeze artwork!

  • Andy P

    I just wanted to get one more thing out, an observation about the trailer. Let me know if you guys agree with me on this. I think during the last sequence of the trailer, right after the doomsday reveal, there is so much editing trickery going on that we don’t ever see a moment that’s actually in the film. This comment is mostly aimed at people who are upset about the “Wonder Woman saves Batman” reveal. I could be wrong, but I don’t think it happens like they lead us to believe in the trailer. I don’t even think we actually saw Wonder Woman’s first appearance. When batman has his “Oh sh-” moment, if you look behind him there is a building right there behind the bat plane. Next time you see him, supposedly after Wonder Woman saves him in the cockpit, he is nowhere near the plane or the building. I’m just saying that I think people are jumping to conclusions and I think that sequence of the trailer didn’t give too much away about a sequence that will blow our minds in the movie.

    Have a good one guys. And thanks for your exhaustive trailer analysis!

    Andy P

  • Dave

    Hey Guys,
    Just wanted to ask what you think the Batman V Superman filmmakers feel about the negative criticisms each of the trailers( and the teaser) have received, do you think they are at all concerned or maybe a little dishearten that there seems to be a segment of fandom that are determined not to like this movie? The critiques are starting to wear thin and if there is this much nitpicking about the trailers I shudder to think what’s in store for the actual movie. They must be so envious of the Force Awakens team as their trailers have received nothing but love from the fans.
    Thank and keep up the great work.

  • Dave

    Just a quick question what day of the week do you guys record? Just wanted to know when to post a comment/question by to hear your response on the next episode.

  • Eric

    Wow, a lot of feedback this week, hopefully mine makes the cut!

    First off, I love the trailer and for me it gets better and better with each watch. Upon its debut, the Trinity shot left me double fist pumping in the air for about 20 seconds like a crazy person. I’m glad my wife wasn’t there!

    The more and more I watch the trailer, it’s clear that there is a ton of clever editing. So much so that I’m starting to believe that the trailer was edited in a way where it would be more accessible by general audiences. It “feels” very linear and point A to point B and C. But if I were to guess, I think BvS is going to be way more sophisticated than that. We’ve seen several things that have no explanation as of yet and I think when cutting the trailer, they had to make it in a way that would be easy to digest.

    Like MOS, I think BvS is going to be nonlinear and honestly, I almost feel sorry for those people out there who simply do not get what DC and WB are doing with this universe. They are working to redefine the genre. The film looks amazing and I am sure it will be unlike anything we’ve seen in this genre to date.

    The only nay say I have is there’s now a THIRD podcast, Batman News, that I will have to listen to! Jk, it’s all rad.


    Eric Kruer

  • Jaime McGoo

    Hey Guys!

    Jaime McGoo here. Thanks for all the bitchin’ feedback! We didn’t do an episode this week because after the trailer hit there simply wasn’t enough news to make a good show of. We will record next week and have an episode out the following Monday!

    We record on either Thursday or Friday of every week and release on the Monday after, so if you write to us on a Thursday or Friday there’s a chance we won’t get to it until the following week just FYI. We’ll read all this feedback next ep. Keep it coming! We love it! Cheers to all the fans a all you guys not hatin’ out there. Too much of that these days. Be critical for sure, be all the hate sure ain’t great. WHATTA TIME TO BE ALIVE!! Thanks again dudes and dudettes!

    -Ol’ McGoose