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Episode 15

TBU Bat-Fans


In this episode Tim and Dane are joined by guest host Terence to talk about the Joker, their favorite Joker stories and The Killing Joke. They also talk about the Batman solicitations for January, the worst casting choices for Batman in a new movie, Ethan Van Sciver taking over for David Finch on Batman: The Dark Knight, Batgirl: Spoiled, Armie Hammer, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 trailer and cover all of the comics from the past two weeks where Dane gives a scathing review of Catwoman #13.



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3 thoughts on “Episode 15

  1. Tim Geraci

    In the Batman Beyond movie Return of the Joker, we get to see the final confrontation of Bruce and the Joker, which is an amazing sequence! But make sure you see the uncut version!


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