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Episode 150

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Jaime and Andy are here to ring out the year with news from around The Batman Universe. Merch is the secret word of the cast as the Batman v Superman merch begins to be revealed. Lex Luthor is chatting it up with Wired magazine and sharing some thoughts about Batman. All this and more on the latest episode of The Batman Universe Podcast. Be sure to leave comments below for the return in 2016.


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  • Dave

    Hey Guys Happy New Year, I have one BvS: Dawn of Justice question and a couple of Star Wars related questions for you.

    Say for whatever reason (shudder the thought) BvS makes only a fraction of the expected BO do you think the planed DC Expanded Cinematic Universe will cease to exist and if you were running things at Warners what would be your next step if this occurs?

    There are many who would say Disney’s marketing of SW: The Force Awakens has been flawless, in your opinion what missteps if any has BvS made?

    John Williams original score for Star Wars is one of the most iconic soundtracks in film history and in varying degrees it continues to be used in the animated shows & subsequent sequels, do you think the same could be done with Batman centric films & TV shows and if so which score would you deem appropriate?

    Thanks and as always keep up the great work.