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Episode 150

This episode brings the news hosts, Gerry and Chris, to the cast. Their first episode covers Batman: Broken City, which covers Batman #620-625. Be sure to leave comments below. Next episode: Batman: Death and the Maidens.


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  • Thank you for the kind words Gerry and Chris. I hope you enjoy covering these stories as much as Dylan and I did with the stories we covered for the show. I will be listening.

  • Ian Miller

    Great to hear the new team! Loved hearing the background of the hosts, and favorite stories (even if I am sadly uneducated compared to Chris ;). I tried Simone’s recent Secret Six, but even though I enjoyed her last run on the title quite a bit, I just could not get into the new one, and I don’t think I got past three or four issues. Gates of Gotham is amazing, and I am really sad that Kyle Higgins isn’t working for DC anymore, even though his Image books are quite fun. And, of course, I adore the current run of Detective :D.

    Regarding Risso’s cartoony style – the main Batman family artists of the time that I remember were Scott McDaniel, Trevor McCarthy, Shawn Martinborough, Rick Burchett, Damion Scott, and Rick Leonardi, all of whom have a very clean, thick lined style, with very appealing character design. I think that was the general expectation of the day for the Batman line. Jim Lee’s influence, though obviously strong in his year on the main title for Hush, wouldn’t really bring about imitators (that I’m aware of) until later, when David Finch and Tony Daniel took over major arcs in the Batman Universe and set the look for the universe with a very Lee-esque style.

    Very excited to hear Death and the Maidens, as I just read that for the first time about a month ago, and am a big Rucka fan.

  • Gerry Green

    Thanks Ian, yeah I’m pretty uneducated compared to Chis too so I know how you feel.

    I liked some of the Secret Six characters and the Lovecraftian element she brought to the latest incarnation, but the plot was so disjointed and the resolutions were all a let down. I do love the characters of Black Alice and Strix. The whole thing just never came together.

    Tastes in are tells you something about the corresponding era in history. I wonder what this era of Batbooks says about mid 2000s America. Death and the Maidens and City of Crime, which I just finished writing up, are from a similar time period. All pretty grim visions of the world.

    • Chris Karnes

      *jaw drop* Where to begin?

      John, thanks for taking the time to write and comment. Knowing that a predecessor is listening will make me want to up my game and hope I can do my best for the show and try to come close as job you did.

      Ah, actually, Ian and Gerry – I’m a bit in awe of you both. Thank you for the kind words.

      Ian, great points on the stable of Bat artists from that time; yes. Also, I’ve been a fan of your reviews of Detective and the Batgirl books for some time. On top of that, I really like your comments on the TBU podcast and hearing them read and giving the three points to ponder. You have a lot of great insights and thought provoking comments that I sometimes don’t consider. You’re very consistent. I’m sorry I haven’t commented on your reviews sooner. Thanks for listening to the podcast AND for taking the time to write and comment; I hope you stick with us. And trust me, Gerry is THE educated guy!

      After I first talked to Gerry, I found out we had a lot in common and not just with Batman, (love of horror comics, and each of us with some theater background) but I felt very humbled and a bit jealous with his music talent and stage accomplishments, achievements and things he’s done.

  • Ian Miller

    I enjoy Strix a lot – I wish she’d gotten the solo instead of Talon (but I never read Talon, so I don’t know if it was any good). The mid 2000s did tend to be a dark time for Batman and his family. Sometimes it was good, as I would say with Rucka and Brubaker’s writing. Sometimes, not so much, as with War Games.

    Aww, thanks, Chris! 🙂