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Episode 150: Anniversary Special Part 1

Holy Eighth Anniversary, Batgirl! Holy 150 episodes, Commissioner!

Donovan Morgan Grant and Joshua Lapin-Bertone join me as we recap the year and update what is happening in Donovan’s tummy! We then cover the 1998 crossover “Brotherhood of the Fist” which includes Green Arrow #134-135, Detective Comics #723, Robin #55, and Nightwing #23. We also cover and discuss Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #16 and Batgirl #69/17. After a short discussion on the purpose of standalone stories, or if they even exist anymore, Chris gives his Batman Adventures review, Josh brings a really weird Shipper Spotlight, and we wrap up the episode with our literature recommendations!

Be sure to write in and let us know what you think Donovan should call his dilophosaurus baby!


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  • Donovan Morgan Grant

    Dag, I didn’t think the Batman Adventures issue was that bad! I actually really liked it, but I love that entire series and think it did no wrong. I’m pretty sure Barbara was faking getting weirded out so she could leave the room and turn into Batgirl, I didn’t see that as legitimate. The artwork is decidedly cartoony, but I thought Parobeck’s style fit the series. And yes, those characters TOTALLY looked like Matt Murdock and Karen Page.

    I’m a real fan of this series, so if Chris is gonna be giving harmless issues like #26 5/10s, my heart won’t be able to withstand a lookback on the whole title!

    • Chris

      I’m a fan too; of the series and the creative team(s). I’m pretty sure this was just a “speed bump” for me. Thanks for writing!