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Episode 150

TBUCP E150 Pic

Join Dustin, Ed and Stella as they cover the last two weeks of news and reviews. News includes discussions about Convergence, the rumor of a possible The Dark Knight Returns project, news regarding some of the digital series and the Endgame tie-ins. For comics this time around includes Batman Eternal #35-36 and Detective Comics #37. Stick around after the episode for a special holiday present for our very own Bat-Staffer Terry.


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  • Terry Hughston

    It’s Friday, Friday! Comic Cast on Friday! Thanks for my Christmas present, Dustin!

    • Terry Hughston

      Also, just some thoughts on the issues you discussed. First, I just wanted to say that the art in Detective Comics #37 was spectacular. Truly amazing.

      Second, it wasn’t my impression that Riddler was behind everything but had just figured out who it was. Just the way that the solicitations for future isues read gives me that impression. Also, he’s been leaving Batman clues like the one on the wall in his Arkham cell that Batwing and Julia decoded just before the building exploded.

      Lastly, what do you think about the possibility that some things got put off when they decided to do a year two of Eternal? I don’t think they would delay the payoff and conclusion from this first arc but I do think it makes sense that they would save some story elements until later to avoid overloading is even more with references.

      Anyways, great episode.

  • Christian Jones

    Good show as always guys! Over the past few months we heard Snyder talk about how for Batman’s 75th Anniv he wanted to shake up the status quo in the universe. What are your predictions for these shake ups? I would like to see Batman finally tell Gordon his secret and see a new dynamic to their relationship. Also I would think it would be interesting to see Gordon leave the police dept and join the FBI near Gotham because he’s had it with the corruption in there.

    Also as far as the length of the show. I like the longer episodes especially if there’s a lot to talk about and just the speculation is interesting. Now I know you may not intend to have long episodes but I appreciate them. Also if people don’t like them they listen in chunks. That’s why we have a pause button.

    Keep up the great work!

  • John Mxyzptlk

    Earth 2 Stella. Scott Snyder and DC Comics are NOT going to kill off Bruce Wayne at the end of Batman Eternal. And Dick Grayson will not be taking up the mantle of Batman, AGAIN. Like the Adele Dazeem song, I suggest you “Let it go”.

  • Avery

    One thing that really intrigued me was that Clayface was on Riddler’s wall but as Stella mentioned we haven’t seen him yet. So is it possible we HAVE seen him already but he’s assumed another personality? It made me start to think if anyone has been acting out of character and the only person that comes to mind is Selina. I’m trying to think as if I was the big bad and I had Clayface at my disposal where would I place him in this scheme? Perhaps we’ve captured an imposter Hush? I don’t know just spitballing.

    Great job guys and gal.