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Episode 151

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Dustin, Ed and Stella are back from the holiday break caused by five weeks in December to bring you news regarding the solictiations. They have tons of books to cover including Batman #37, Batman Eternal #37-39, Batman and Robin #37, Robin Rises: Alpha #1 and Batman Annual #3. Stick around for the TBU Spotlight which features Justice League #37, Harley Quinn Holiday Special #1 and Earth 2 #29. Be sure to lee your comments about the episode for us to discuss next time.


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  • Hello Dustin, Stella, and Ed,

    I really enjoyed listening to Episode 151 and wanted to share my thoughts on the Joker. I agree with much of what you guys said about him. If the New 52 Joker is going to be re imagined as a Moriarty-style villain for Batman who is an equal and at times superior to Batman then everyone has to be on board. That has to be part of the ‘show bible’ to borrow a term from Television writing. Every creator has to know that is an important characteristic of the Joker and write him accordingly. I like this idea provided they don’t take his sadistic nature away and also keep his twisted sense of humor. My personal preference for the Joker is a man who is very smart (maybe not as smart as The Riddler, but I am ok with that), sadistic, and with a unique sense of humor.

    Dylan and I will get the chance to talk about the Joker in more depth with our first episode on Bat Books For Beginners covering the 4th (and last) volume of No Man’s Land. I’m really looking forward to that discussion.

    Keep up the great work and I’m excited to be a contributer to TBU.


  • Terry Hughston

    Great episode guys! Just two quick comments. First, I totally agree with Stella on Batman Annual #3. I absolutely loved the story into both the kind of madness the Joker has and the kind of madness he can inspire in others. Second, one thing that I was surprised you didn’t talk about was the cover of Batman Eternal #39 which featured a certain animal (namely an owl) very prominently and suggestively. And while in re-reading the issue a few times, I don’t see any particular significance in the pages of that week’s story, there is still an unexplained owl in the Batsgiving issue as well. Can’t help but wonder if this means the Court of Owls will still be involved in some way, particularly since we know from the first issue of Endgame in Batman, that Bruce has take up shop in one of the old Owl nests in Gotham since he isn’t in the Batcave right now. Anyway, thanks for the great issue and I’m looking forward to an exciting new year with TBU.

  • Hello all,
    Awesome episode. Just wanted to throw in some clarification on this past month’s issue of Justice League…when I was reading it seemed that Superman (or maybe it was Batman lol) offered up a reason behind Patient Zero’s bat wings. I believe he reasoned that Patient Zero was attempting biologically recreate the powers he was seeing, therefore the only way he could replicate Superman’s flight was to alter his own DNA and grow wings.
    Otherwise another awesome episode…keep up the good work 🙂

  • Ryan C.

    Hi gang – I’m going to have to side with Stella on this one, too. The Batman Annual was a great standalone Joker story, and I do think that he changes how he acts based on whether he is around Batman.

    On an unrelated note, My grandma got me a book this past holiday that is unaffiliated with DC called “the Unofficial Batman Trivia Challenge”, and I wonder if any of you have bought or received any unofficial Batbooks, like “Philosophy and Batman” or “Batman Unmasked” that act as cultural criticism? Or, do you just get enough enjoyment from reading the comics and don’t dive into the academic mumbo-jumbo.

    Example trivia question: In the 1990s, Robin drove a personalized car similar to the Batmobile. What did he call this vehicle?