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Episode 152

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Join Dustin, Stella and Ed as they cover the last two weeks of comics news and reviews including Detective Comics #38 and Batman Eternal #40-41. The episode closes with a ton of listener Q&A’s, so be sure to leave your questions for the future episode.


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  • John Mxyzptlk

    Great podcast. I just wanted to make one final comment about Stella’s blasphemous theory/pipe dream that Dick Grayson will become Batman, while Bruce Wayne takes a……..vacation? Really Stella? Did you actually say that? Because if you did, that would make about as much sense as Barbara Gordon and the Joker getting married, having a daughter, and naming her Oracle. I was able to find some quotes by writer James Tynion, where he stated that Dick Grayson wouldn’t be appearing in Batman Eternal. And that Renee Montoya was originally going to appear in the series. But they decided to save the character’s New 52 debut, for her own bigger story. So basically if not for Stella’s ridiculous theory. I wouldn’t already know that Montoya is definitely being brought into the New 52, at some point. So……..thanks Stella. By the way, if baby Babs Gordon appears on the Gotham TV show, Leslie Thompkins won’t be her mother, Barbara will be. Presumably a sober/drug-free Barbara.

    And despite any comic book storyline, or even The Dark Knight Rises. I’ll never accept that Bruce Wayne would ever go completely broke. Being that he’s a paranoid billionaire. Why wouldn’t he have at least one secret offshore emergency bank account, with millions of dollars in it? As far as I’m concerned, he obviously would. Why? Because he’s Batman!

  • Michael DeLozier (rhymes with, and same emphasis as “enclosure”)

    Hello Dustin, Ed, and Stella. Another great podcast. I have a few comments and a question.

    As one of your previous commenters mentioned, I also enjoy the longer podcasts. I like the extended, in-depth discussions that lengthen the podcast, but help me keep up with the storylines in the books that I don’t buy every month. I realize that this makes editing more difficult for you, Dustin, and I appreciate all you do for us Batfans; especially taking into account that it must take a LOT of editing to censor Stella’s outbursts of extreme expletives and general vulgarity.

    I am becoming increasingly unsure on my feelings about Scott Snyder’s run on Batman, especially with his take on the Joker. I think he is a great writer; but I’m becoming more and more confused on where he’s going with Endgame. I think that recreating the Joker as a Moriarty-type villain is okay, but I think he is going too far as positioning him as some type of elemental evil that doesn’t really play to Batman’s strong suits. I don’t want Batman having to call in Justice League Dark everytime the Joker appears. Of course, I can let Endgame run it’s course, see where we end up, and hope it has a better payoff than “Death of the Family.”

    I do not buy Batman Eternal, as I have enough trouble keeping up with Batman, Earth 2, World’s Finest, New 52 Future’s End, and Earth 2 World’s End. I have also started buying Batgirl every month, starting with issue 35, for obvious reasons. But I have noticed that unlike Future’s End and World’s End, that Batman Eternal throws the timeline of every other Bat-Book out of whack. It’s a bit much to need an explanation every month of when the issue takes place. Do you think that Batman Eternal Volume 2 will have a different feel or storyline that can run concurrently with the other titles? I think that might be enough to entice me to pick it up, assuming the story is interesting, coupled with the fact that World’s Finest, Future’s End, and World’s End will be ending with Convergence.

    Anyway, thank you for all you do, and fly on Bat lovers! And Stella, try to keep that potty mouth in check…

  • Albert

    Hey guys long time listener first time commenter here, just wanted to say i enjoy the longer length of the comic podcast, I especially enjoy how you guys flesh out stories and all have unique and valid opinions, and i believe the longer length allows for that to be possible

    I must say Dustin i feel exactly the same way you feel about Harper Row, it annoys me that she seems to all of a sudden have a major role in Batman Eternal

    With the “reveal” at the end of eternal 43, it makes me believe even more that somehow Lincoln March and the court of owls are the big bad in this story, but with their appearance at the end of Batman 38 makes me feel my guess could be wrong.

    As Ed has mentioned before I hope we don’t keep getting reveals only to be told “you thought it was this villain, but no wait he is yet another pawn in this grand master plan”… It has begun to fatigue me a bit in that sense, and i really hope it makes sense in the end and isn’t some obscure villain or someone who we have had no hint to who it could be.

    Anyway keep up the good work guys, ps stella just picked up batgirl year one hope to dive into that this week!