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Episode 153

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Another week has gone by and we are that much closer to the release of Batman v Superman. The news floodgates are beginning to buckle as we get closer to the release and this week we saw new footage from the special on the CW as well as a new trailer for Suicide Squad. New posters, who is playing Marth Wayne, the first official footage from Wonder Woman and a whole lot more! Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Hey guys. I just listened to the Jan 18th podcast and maybe you’ve gotten answers by now, but I wanted to let you know the Batman v Superman cereal is available at Ralphs on Western & Hollywood.
    Can’t say it looks like the best cereal ever. But there’s some AWESOME patterns and ornamentation on the symbols. Super cool.

  • Dave

    Hey guys, what do you say to the Bat fans who prefer a more realistic Batman (The Nolan series) over a Batman who inhabits a world with aliens, magic & monsters, I was listening to the Batman-On-Film.com Podcast on the CW DCEU Special (posted Jan. 23rd) and even though hosts Bill & Rick love the Nolan films they are cautiously optimistic about seeing BvS but are concerned that mainstream audiences may not be open to a Batman who fights aliens. This concern is based partly on the reactions of their spouses to the BvS trailers.

    Do you know if the Marketing department of a movie studio is responsible for all the promotions surrounding the films a studio releases, I ask because it’s baffling to me how the trailers for a little known comic book series has been so spot on as compared to the trailers for a Batman & Superman film it’s almost as if two different studios are releasing them.

    One last thing, congratulations to you Andy & Sam.

  • Jason Ritter

    Hey Guys: I been listening to you guys awhile this is the first time i am write in since the retooling of the podcast. Since they casted high profiled actors for Bruce’s Parents. Do you think we might get Flashpoint down to the road with this Dc Films. Anyways love the podcast keep doing what you guys do best. also Congratulations Andy on Getting Married.
    Jason “jimbo” Ritter