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Episode 153

Gerry and Chris are hear to cover the next installment of Bat-Books for Beginners. This time around Batman: City of Light is covered which includes Batman: City of Light #1-8. Be sure to leave your comments below. Next episode: Superman/Batman: Supergirl.


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  • Glen J Clark

    So your three episodes into your run and I must say that I regretfully might have to quit listening to your podcast. Is it your personalities? No your both really great and polished on the mic, I have no problems there. Is it your knowledge on the subject? No I think both of you are more then qualified to carry on logical and intelligent conversations regarding the caped crusader.Is it the content? Well sort of, you see for the most of my 48 years of collecting comics I have been a Superman guy, only reading Batman sporadically, A run in the early 400’s of Batman, Knightfall, Hush, etc. but I never stuck around for an extended period of time. Then came Rebirth and I have found myself being All in on Batman and leaving the Man of Steel on the shelf. So my problem is this, every time you do a review, as soon as its over I hope on my DC comics app and buy the story to read it myself. My wallet hates me for it, but my brain is just devouring as much good Batman goodness as it can see. So yes my wallet is telling me to stop, but like any good addiction, I just can’t. So carry on Gerry and Chris and I will keep listening and buying.

    • Gerry Green

      Thanks so much for your feedback Glen. We are happy you are enjoying the podcast! Sorry about the bank account however. We would love to hear your thoughts on the Batman stories in the comments after you read them!

    • *jaw drop* Thank you very much for taking the time to write, Glen. I’m floored by your kind words. I’m very fortunate to be paired with Gerry and talk about Batman (and Batman related) comics; and grateful for any feedback we might get. I love talking comics; especially when the stories are good. Your feedback is very appreciated; it’s a great boost and keeps me on my toes and try to do better with each podcast.

      *big jaw drop* 48 years of collecting comics! That’s very impressive! I’m in awe of that. I bet you have a lot of treasures and good memories. Obviously, you’ve seen a lot of changes in storytelling with respect to writing and artwork styles, good and bad, reboots and retcons, and of course, price increases. (I liked some Silver Age Superman myself; the Swan and Anderson stuff, Schaffenberger on Lois Lane, Plastino not too bad, Wayne Boring was an acquired taste, but I digress.) I like to think I’m addicted myself, but my hopes are when I part with my money it’s for something worthwhile. I’m not sure if all the books we cover will be worthy or up to par; maybe a poorer review or opinion will save you some money conversely. Perhaps we hope we can provide an alternate choice of a good book in the event we cover a story that we think isn’t that great. Ouch, there goes the wallet opening again … (sorry). Thank you for listening!

  • Ian Miller

    An excellent episode. I did some digging, and wanted to add a couple of context thingies! (Also, I very much appreciate that I have my own name on the site now! I should ask Dustin to change my username to Ian Prime ;). First, this book started up during the end of the Hush storyline by Loeb and Lee in the main Batman title, which is probably the biggest thing going on at the time. Second, there’s something about architecture and Batman – probably his connection to this one ancient American city, the specificity of place and time. Two other books that deal with the subject are Batman: Gates of Gotham by Snyder, Higgins, McCarthy, and Nguyen, and Batman: Death by Design, by Kidd and Taylor. Not to mention Snyder’s use of architecture and the 13th floor during Court of Owls. 🙂

    • Gerry Green

      Thanks for the tip Ian. I’ll have to dig up Death by Design. Gates of Gotham is one of my favorites. I love reaching back into the history of Gotham and Gates did it very well.

    • Like your reviews, Ian; you have great insights and always bring up excellent points of consideration, here, especially about the city – space and time. Good call! Thank you very much for taking time to write!