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Episode 154

Episode 154 Pic

Andy and Jaime are back from the wedding celebration and hear to dive into all of the TBU news from the past few weeks. The new trailer dropped and we are blasted with promotional posters and images. We also hear updates regarding Wonder Woman, Suicide Squad and The Flash. So sit back and catch up on everything that has been going on in The Batman Universe! Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • Dave

    Hey guys, just wanted to hear Jaime’s take on Drew McWeeny’s controversial Hifix posting from last week. Also you have to feel for Zack Snyder in all this, I’ve never understood the hate some seem to have for him. Do you think if BvS does divide audiences he’ll be made the scapegoat for the movie’s shortcomings?
    Thanks and have a good one.

  • Hi Dave! We covered your question on the next podcast but I accidentally gave credit to Andy, and not you. My apologies and thanks for the question!