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Episode 154

Gerry and Chris are hear to cover the next installment of Bat-Books for Beginners. This time around Superman/Batman: Supergirl is covered which includes Superman/Batman #8-13. Be sure to leave your comments below. Next episode: Robin: Unmasked.


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5 thoughts on “Episode 154

  1. Ian Miller

    This is kind of a delightful change of pace from the dark world of Gotham! I was wondering if Chris or Gerry have watched the animated adaptation of this storyline, “Superman/Batman: Apocalypse”? What did you think of that one – I thought it was very fun, and Wonder Woman’s lasso-work was amazingly animated. The Firefly fan in me also loved hearing Summer Glau playing Supergirl.

    (I am indeed trepidatious for my poor Spoiler in the coming storylines.. 🙁 )

    1. Chris Karnes

      Ian, great call on the animated adaptation! I’m glad you wrote in! So few, if any, of the material Gerry and I will get to cover in future podcasts had an animated adaptation (and this might be the only one with that distinction). I should’ve mentioned it and I’ll note it for the next recording we do; thanks! I did see it when it came out, but I honestly forgot about it. I tend to be a one and done viewer (and I need to revisit ones worth another peek; some of the DC animated releases really tend to be “hit” or “miss” for me). A coworker and I often debate the animated movies when they come out as our tastes tend to be completely opposite of each other; I think we’ve only agreed in opinion in just one release. I’m already having tepid feelings about the upcoming Teen Titans: Judas Contract, which is one of my favorite stories, but doesn’t appear to have Wonder Girl, Donna Troy or otherwise. 🙁 (Since the coworker dislikes the Donna Troy Wonder Girl, I’m sure he already thinks of this as a plus.)

      1. Ian Miller

        Well, don’t forget Under the Red Hood! 🙂

        I agree that the animated films are sometimes good, sometimes bad, but I thought the Supergirl one was definitely more on the good side!

  2. Gerry Green Post author

    I agree, this gave us a breather from the more dire stories. I haven’t seen Superman/Batman: Apocalypse, but it looks like a good time. I have to catch up on a lot of the animated stuff. Thanks for the tip!

    You’ve got me worried about Stephanie for you. Thanks for listening!

    1. Ian Miller

      Definitely check it out! The art style is very much imitating Michael Turner’s drawing.

      My poor Spoiler – she doesn’t deserve anything that’s coming. 🙁

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