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Episode 154

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Join Dustin, Ed and Stella as they cover the last two weeks of news and reviews. What do the upcoming Batman Eternal covers really mean? Who is on the new Suicide Squad? And most importantly, what is happening in June from DC? All that and reviews of Detective Comics #39 and Batman Eternal #44-45 are covered as well as some great discussion originating from the listeners. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Michael DeLozier (rhymes with “enclosure,” pronounced perfectly last time)

    Hello Dustin, Ed, and Stella,

    Congratulations on another great, thought-provoking podcast. First of all, just a few notes on my comments read on podcast #154.

    Yes, the comments about Stella’s vocabulary were jokes, like calling a big guy “Tiny.” And Stella knows I’m a big fan, as I frequently write to her excellent Batgirl to Oracle podcast.

    While Dr. Dekker’s fourth-wall-breaking comment in Batman #38 gave me pause, it by no means ruined the story for me; it just took me out of the story a bit to ponder if it was just me that saw that. In fact, one of my favorite aspects of Snyder’s writing is that he throws some genuinely funny lines into his stories; which is good, since it breaks up the darkness a bit. So if he goes a bit Ferris Bueller, that’s perfectly okay. And yes, that is a very dated reference from an old guy.

    Thank you, Dustin, for explaining why Sam Kieth’s artwork was in the backup for Batman #38. I am glad there was a reason; and I’m glad it will not be a regular occurrence. Suffice it to say that Sam Kieth to me is like Kelley Jones to you.

    And thank you for confirming that there is an actual Wall of Continuity; which brings me to my main point today: continuity.

    While I realize that DC, especially going forward, will be eschewing continuity in favor of storytelling, do you think that will frustrate and erode the reader base in the long run? I grew up reading Batman comics in the seventies, and watching reruns of the ‘66 TV show, realizing even as a kid that these were distinct universes, even though I didn’t think of it in those exact terms. But the comics were a longer continuity unto themselves. Then Crisis on Infinite Earths occurred, which changed a lot of things, but also kept most of the core characteristics and qualities of the characters, and that was the norm for almost twenty years. Until Infinite Crisis, the continuity for about two years; and Final Crisis, which was the last major continuity until the New 52 in 2011. And we all know how much of a shakeup the New 52 continuity is. My point is that we are seeing a huge decrease in the amount of time between reboots of the universe, basically from almost 50 years to 20 to 2 to 3 to 3 again. As much as I dislike a lot of the changes in the New 52, I am still a fan. But I won’t invest as much in new series and get as emotionally invested in the characters as much as before, because they all seem to matter less, since I am always expecting the next reboot to change everything I might like in the current continuity. There may be a lot of new readers whose first exposure to DC is the New 52, but could feel that the rug is being pulled out from under them when the universe gets rebooted again, and stop caring enough to give up on DC comics, or comics altogether. And while it looks like “Convergence” won’t be the big change this time, I’m always waiting to see when the next big Event will be announced and they’ll scrap it all and start over again. I just think that a more stable continuity (with the occasional “soft reboots” like Batgirl and Catwoman) would breed a more loyal and passionate reader base in the long run; it is a lot easier to form an emotional attachment to a character that is consistent for a longer period than two or three years at a time. And that attachment will be stronger, which would seem to lead to a better likelihood that the reader would invest more in peripheral titles and merchandise involving their favorite characters. Sorry to go on for so long, but I just think that the constant short term reboots are eroding the value of established characters, and I wonder if you agree or disagree fully or partially.

    Thanks again for the great podcast!