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Episode 157

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As we get closer to the release of Batman v Superman, spoilers are abound online from early viewings, but we are here to trim the spoilers out and let you know what people think. We also have an update for Justice League Part 1, including who was cast as Commissioner Gordon. After going over some other news, we round out the episode with Listener Feedback. We are less than two week away!


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  • Andy P

    Andy, Jaime,

    It’s been a while since I wrote in and I’m sorry. Just know that I’ve enjoyed listening to the show, and I light up like the batsignal every time you guys falsely attribute someone else’s listener feedback to me. That’s the dream.

    I have many things to say. First of all, I can’t remember what Brian’s voice sounds like, and it saddens me. Secondly, I would fan cast Christian Bale as Solomon Grundy.

    Isn’t it exciting? I’ve been listening to the show for almost two years, and I feel like we’re all on mile 26 of a marathon. We’ve all gone through this wait together as Bat-chums and I know it’ll pay off. Just wanted to thank you for the excellent coverage of all the lead up to BvS before I go offline for the last couple days.

    One last question for you two before the movie comes out. What do you expect the most surprising thing about Batman v Superman to be? This could be a speculated plot point, or perhaps a real world effect of the movie.

    Thanks again for your devoted service.

    Andy P

  • Dave

    Hey guys, a couple of months ago there were rumours that a Wonder Woman teaser or a Suicide Squad trailer may play in front of BvS. What do you think the chances are that we will see either or both with the BvS release? Thanks Dave.

  • Michael O

    You asked for our opinions on Rebirth. Here is mine:I am excited for Rebirth. I have not been happy, generally speaking since about a year before 52 began. There have been some great stories, some I have really enjoyed. However, they have dismantled not only the origins of my favorite characters, but the general spirit of who they are as well. The heroes I grew up with and fell in love with no longer exist. I understand the need for new and updating the characters but it shouldn’t come at the cost of what made them great. Batman is a great example, I love the Jim Gordon stores, but Zero Year removed so much of who and what Bruce and Batman are and were. The same with this recent story of Mother. Superman, American Alien, has rewritten Superman to where he no longer has the rose colored, idealistic child hood that made him the anthisis of Batman’s tragic childhood that made them such a perfect balance of each other. Just some thoughts. Thank you for the time you put in each week for us listeners.

    • Hi Michael! Thanks for your comment! Just want to make sure you meant to write this comment for The Batman Universe Podcast versus the Comic Podcast! I know we mentioned Rebirth but hadn’t talked about it much so I just wanted to be sure. Thanks! -McGoo

      • Michael O

        Thank you for checking with me. Yes, I meant to comment here. The Batman podcast is where I heard you ask about it. However, if you’d like to apply it to the other instead, that’s works for me too.

        • No man that’s cool well be happy to discuss it! We just get confused with the Comic Podcast a lot bc they lost right next to each other on iTunes. Thanks man!

    • Michael my apologies for not getting to your question this week! I will definitely put it on the show notes and we will cover it in the coming weeks. Thanks man!

  • Hey guys. I’m DYING because I’ve been searching for new BvS footage, promos, etc… Now I have to stop that. Since its screening and comes out in a week(!!), I have to play it like Andy and stay offline. And it’s tough.
    But listen, I have a bone to pick. I liked Batman Forever. I was a junior in high school when it came out and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tommy Lee Jones notwithstanding, it’s not the best Batman movie. But absolutely not as unwatchable as Batman & Robin. I get it. You made a whole show about how awful BF is. You have to remember, at the time, there were only 2 other good batman movies. And hardly any others to speak of. So was it great? No. Was it what it could have been? No. But it was still a decent 90s Batman adventure. I could argue why forever (see that?) but it’s hard to do in comments. Regardless, I’m super hyped for BvS and I think/hope we’ll have lots of great things to discuss moving forward, after next Thursday at least. (Now I’m kicking myself for thinking and IMAX trailer is dumb. I would kill to see it in IMAX Monday. Oh well).

  • Alley Sanchez

    Hello Jaime & Andy!

    I just wanted to say I really enjoy your podcast it makes my day at work to listen to you guys! Thanks so much for the hardwork on the podcast I also really enjoy the Holy Batcast Podcast as well , and i can’t get enough of either!!

    Now for Random BAT Musings!

    What are your thoughts on the possible relationship between Batman and Wonder Woman in BvS? Besides the Justice League/Justice League unlimited series we really haven’t seen the Bruce and Diana relationship explored too much and I think this would be really cool. It seems from the trailers that there is perhaps some tension between the two. Anyways just curious of your thoughts and if this is something you would be excited to see. As someone who spent my girlhood days running around with foil on my wrists and a jumprope in my beltloop as my lasso of truth, AND who also happens to be a huge Batnerd I would absolutely LOVE to see this developed!

    Also as a huge Nightwing/Dick Grayson fan, do you think there is any remote chance we will see Nightwing brought to this new cinematic universe, and if so who would you Fancast?

    Thanks again! You guys rock!

  • Hey guys what’s going on? Can you believe it…. as i am writing this to you right now on Thursday night March 17th @ 9:37pm I will be seeing BvS in the theater a week from right now. Is that even possible…. is it true? F-ing Alley it is! Remember when we said years? Has it been that long? It seemed like something that was never gonna happen. It was this fun idea that we talked about. Then one day we saw the SDCC teaser anouncement… then the day we saw Ben in the costume with the Batmobile, it was all monochrome, but we didn’t care, we just wanted to see the car drive down the F-ing Alley (see what i did there). So now we are here at this moment. This is the moment we have all been waiting for, so take a moment while sitting in the theater, take a deep breath because we won’t ever have this moment again…. the moment where dreams become reality!
    I have a question (s) for both of you. What are 2 things you wanna see or hear/happen in this film. For me
    1. I wanna hear Bruce say the name Robin. To hear him speak of his fallen partner eluding to what happened. I don’t think we will get the name of the fallen Robin but, just hearing Robin’s name will put a huge smile on my face.
    2. To hear the famous line from TDKR, and to see a Batman move and fight like no other Batman before.

    I have enjoyed our 3 year journey listening to you guys talk and discuss this movie…. but you know what…. lets just go to the theater! Keep up the great work guys!

    ELTD Podcast