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Episode 157

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Another two weeks has passed…wait. It has been three weeks? Why would that be? Well, it probably had to do with Batman Eternal ending in the first week of April along with annuals releasing. So most of you wanted longer episodes, and this one does not hold back. After discussing news briefs, updates and actual new news, reviews of multiple titles are covered including Batman and Robin #40, Batman and Robin Annual #3 and Batman Eternal #50-52. TBU Spotlight is extra long right along side Listener Feedback which is equal in legth. Be sure to keep that feedback coming!


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  • John Mxyzptlk

    Hello folks. Stella, ENOUGH with the weird and random references. My name is Nobody? Guess what Stella, NOBODY cares about Odysseus, OR your Marvel comic book knowledge. So could you try to stay focus, please? Thanks. Bruce Wayne is definitely more attractive than Dick Grayson, by the way. Oh yeah, and Killer Moth is a pathetic villain. He’s lamer than both Crazy-Quilt and Polka-Dot Man.

    I’m okay with Jason Todd wanting to move in on Dick Grayson’s sloppy seconds. First Starfire, and now Barbara Gordon. Good for him. Even though Starfire is much funner and better looking than Barbara. It’s been great watching Selina become a strong leader. Which I’m sure makes Batman even more attracted to her. Hopefully the Alpha Bat and the Alpha Cat will set aside their differences, find a private room, and work out their sexual tension. Perhaps Bruce Wayne will let Jim Gordon patrol Gotham in the exoskeleton suit, while he goes undercover as Matches Malone, and under the covers with the Queenpin, Selina Kyle. Anyway, guys keep up the good work. And Stella, stay AWESOME.

  • First time listener. I delved back into Batman with Batman Eternal after having only ever been a casual fan. I tuned into several other podcast looking to dive deeper into the material and was disappointed until I found your site. Great cast.