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Episode 158

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Well the time has arrived. We are now less than a week away from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice releasing. By the next episode we will have all seen the film. So catch up on the news that’s happening other than Batman v Superman since we all know that is here. Gotham is getting another season. The first details of Batman: The Killing Joke are revealed and what does Gal Gadot think about her breasts? Yep, all that and more on this episode. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Thanks for reading my last msg. Didn’t meant to harp on the ‘Forever’ business. I just heard it brought up AGAIN.
    Ok. Casting Dick Greyson. He could be a little young looking, but I think the kid from the Maze Runner movies would be great. Ive been impressed with him in that role. He’s also on the Teen Wolf show, which ive never seen. Besides everything else, he’s proven he can carry a large role and he has that Cruise-like “movie running” ability.
    Happy BvS week. I’ll be here next Monday (unless it’s sooner!!) for your reactions!!

  • Joe Kerr

    Speaking of Batman Forever, apparently the critics liked that movie better than BvS! Seriously though. It’s unfortunate that BvS won’t be receiving the critical acclaim, that we all were hoping it would. But I’m still looking forward to Zack Snyder’s Justice League movies, as well as the mainstream audience being introduced to the rest of the DC Universe. Stay positive, Bat-fans.

  • Odavious

    Well guys here we are in the aftermath of the release,and while the reviews from critics are overwhelmingly negative it’s not a perfect movie. But a failure or epic disaster? Absolutely not!! I felt the movie was good but not great(yet).There are things I had issue with but nothing that has me fuming with anger over what Zack Snyder has done with these versions of the characters.

    Not gonna mention spoilers but Batman does do some things that many would consider out of character and against his principles. But it didn’t bother me like I thought it would. Ben was good in this movie! I left wanting to see more of his back story. The same with Gal Gadot, I want more Wonder Woman!! Now!! Henry Cavill was left to carry most of the emotional weight of the story and I felt he did good as well. The overall cast did a great job with the acting.

    The aspects I would consider flaws include the way the other Justice League members were introduced,it felt like it was tossed in at the behest of studio execs and wasn’t planned to be included. Something about the pacing in the first hour was off and I can’t quite put my finger on it yet;perhaps a few more viewings will help me. And can Cavill get some more dialog? There were key scenes I was waiting for Superman to say something instead of trying to convey with his facial expressions.
    This is an epic film in scope and visuals that I believe will take time to grow on people;but will give us plenty to discuss and debate for weeks to come,and perhaps the ultimate cut will be a better version of the movie. I hope I didn’t ramble as always guys great show.