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Episode 159: Batman v Superman Reactions

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If you are looking for the latest news from The Batman Universe, tune in in the coming weeks, because the gang is here to bring their reactions to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Joining Jaime and Andy is Brian returning to share his thoughts on the film as well. If you haven’t seen the film spoiler warning ahead, but everyone listeneing probably has already seen it. Be sure to leave your thoughts below!


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  • God. Thank you guys for being positive. Grace at Beyond the Trailer is the ONLY other person I’ve been able to find who was a fan and also happy with the movie.
    I certainly felt the title fight should have been more like the conflict between Daredevil and Punisher. That’s what I felt we were told this would be in all the marketing and I had thoughts about the intelligent people at Netflix releasing their show the week BEFORE BvS, seeing as how it would basically be the same philosophical battle: one goes too far and the other doesn’t do enough. For our purposes, one is an alien who could – if he wanted to – “burn the whole place down” and the other goes over the line. Batman’s motivations were clear and well laid out, I thought. And there were seeds of WHY Superman wanted to confront Batman; the argument with Perry White (“this bat-vigilante is a one man reign of terror”) and his first meeting with Bats (stopping him cold right in the middle of a mission and letting the bad guys get away. Thanks Superman. Tell me, DO you bleed? Because that was messed up.). In the end, those possible motivations were flipped for a Lex Luthor plot point.
    And by the way, why in the world was Lex willing to throw away his freedom, fortune and his company to create Doomsday and possibly lead a world-conquering God to Earth? I think it’s fine and maybe we’ll find out more. On some level, I like movies to stand on their own but that’s a personal preference. That said, I also appreciate the idea of a connected universe.
    Really, guys. I liked this movie. Batman was absolutely FANTASTIC. I had to see it twice to wrap my head around how I was SO FAR off base with my assumptions and the 2nd viewing was a whole lot more enjoyable. And I have yet to see it in IMAX, so a 3rd viewing is definitely happening. Despite the little issues (mostly springing from my heavy expectations and knowledge of the characters), I liked this and can’t wait to see more!! Bring it on: Suicide Squad, WW, Flash, Justice League, etc… There’s so much in store.
    Thanks again for being positive. I needed it!
    Note: I wrote a blog post that fleshes these thoughts out more if you want to check it out. Link:

  • Odavious

    “Great art doesn’t come without risk,
    Great art is misunderstood
    Have the balls even though people will hate you for it.”

    Well guys here we are in the aftermath of the release,and while the reviews from critics are overwhelmingly negative it’s not a perfect movie. But a failure or epic disaster? Absolutely not!! I felt the movie was good but not great(yet). Bare in mind I’ve only seen the movie one time,there are things I had issue with but nothing that has me fuming with anger over what Zack Snyder has done with these versions of the characters. I don’t believe there has ever been or will be a definitive version of these characters when there is such a rich a diverse history.

    Not gonna mention spoilers but Batman does do some things that many would consider out of character and against his principles. But it didn’t bother me like I thought it would. Ben was good in this movie! I left wanting to see more of his back story. The same with Gal Gadot, I want more Wonder Woman!! Now!! Henry Cavill was left to carry most of the emotional weight of the story and I felt he did good as well. The overall cast did a great job!!

    This is an epic film in scope and visuals that I believe will take time to grow on people,but I understand this is the ADHD generation that wants instant gratification. What I don’t understand is the absolute hatred for this movie and Zack Synder as a film maker. Most of the criticism comes from people who have never been under the pressure of building a film with a major movie studio and are just voicing an opinion just as I am in this post. You have a vision you want to express as well as studio execs telling you what they need you to do in order to get a finished product. This film was completed months ago and Warner knew what they had well in advance of release.
    There are those as you mentioned that fold their arms in disdain before a single frame of film unspools because they don’t like Zack Synder or they are Marvel fanboys who want the movie to fail. I’m not worried about those people it’s the general audience casual film goers who will make or break this film in the coming weeks. I hope the movie reaches a financial goal Warner Bros is confident in enough to stay the coarse and not be swayed by the negative. There is more I want to say but I will leave it here for now.

    Jaime,Andy I’m so glad I discovered this podcast as a voice of positivity for the fans of not only the DCEU but Batman news as well. For the fans of this representation please don’t ever feel discouraged for liking or loving these films and be vocal to those who spew negativity.

  • Dave

    Hey Guys, I would first like to say that I enjoyed BvS and would give it a grade of B+. I wanted to ask Jamie a similar question that I sent to Andy at Holy Batcast.

    Do you think WB has a contingency plan in place if the fan & audience divisions over MOS continues with BvS, they have known for a while that BvS may not be overwhelming accepted by audiences so if things do go south do you think they would ask Zack Snyder to step back into just a producer role and do you think Snyder would be willing to do that?

    MOS 2nd weekend dropped off was over 64% and if BvS drops off anywhere close to that number I believe the DCEU is in serious trouble. WB has made a substantial investment in the fledgling DCEU and I agree with Andy that they just can’t afford similar issues with JL.

    Some have suggested that George Miller would be more than suitable to take over as Director on JL but would he even be interested, after all he did have his own version of JL setup to go and production was halted by WB.

    Thanks guys, Dave.

  • Austin Sweeney

    Thanks so much for giving this positive and well-informed report! Huge fan of your show and your understanding of my favorite detective and fictional character. The negative reviews have been frustrating to read, mostly because the critiques convey little to no knowledge or appreciation of the source material and how Snyder brings it to life (I shared in your frustration of critics trashing Martha being the connection that ends the fight — I was blown away by that move and could not think of any better way to unite those 2!). Agree fully with you all that Ben Affleck hit a home run — in ALMOST the same way that the person Heath Ledger disappeared into the Joker, for most of the movie I forgot that it was even Ben Affleck I was watching. Super pumped to see this Batman/Bruce quarterback the JL, menace the Suicide Squad, and have his own solo film … Also, totally agree with the comment at the end of this show about expecting Aquaman to show up while Lois was digging for the spear — I was fully expecting him to just pop up and deliver it too! Would have been pretty cool… I also got super excited when a horse rode by in the scene that showed the end of MoS destruction from Bruce’s perspective — totally was hoping Bruce would mount the horse and ride it into the danger, as a nod to Batman on horse in Dark Knight Returns! Maybe next time — the “I believe you” line to KGBeast and Alfred’s line about Bruce drinking the Wayne family wine cellar dry were super satisfying nods to DK Returns though

  • Eric Kruer

    Hey guys, I thought I would write to share my experience with BvS. I actually went dark starting on the Monday before release and successfully avoided any type of review from the web, Twitter, Facebook, etc. I only listened to this and the Batman News podcast and was happy to hear that the initial responses were great.

    Seeing BvS was a big moment for me. I’ve been following this movie, like many others, since its announcement. I had never followed something so closely and anticipated a movie in my life.

    I love this movie guys. I was able to put aside a lot of the expectations I had made in my mind and was able to enjoy it thoroughly. As the credits were rolling, I finally went to the web to see the reaction. I was absolutely shocked at what I was seeing and like Andy, felt bad to a degree for liking it so much. My wife and I discussed it on the way home and after the first viewing, I felt like there were some scenes that felt out of order however I saw the film again the next morning with a fellow Batman enthusiast and the second viewing really sealed the deal for me- BvS was amazing and worth the wait. Everything made sense to me and I even have now decided that Lex’s plan also included Batman stealing the kryptonite from his building. The look Lex gives looking at the empty case seals it. In my mind it was all a set up from the beginning to allow Bruce to use the kryptonite against Superman while he worked on creating Doomsday. #confirmed in your opinion?

    I wanted to ask a few questions just to get your take. I understand the content of the Batman nightmare sequence however I’ve yet to fully understand why Bruce has this nightmare/vision. How would he know what the omega sign symbolizes and what parademons are? This is the ONLY part that leaves me without an explanation. During my second viewing, I tried to rationalize that as he was decrypting the Lex file that that somehow triggered this vision in Bruce. Either that or it was just a simple case of #SleepyBruce because he only made it to like 0.2% decryption lol

    Next question/comment- I’m not going to lie. The death of Superman made me tear up in BvS. I’m 34 and my wife patted my arm when she noticed my reaction lol. Anyways just wanted to comment that I appreciate Snyder/WB to (excuse my French) have the balls to continue to make risky and ambitious choices such as this and other parts of the film. My question is this- how the heck do they bring back Superman in Justice League? How much of the film will/could be devoted to this? This is my only worry area as JL goes into production.

    Final question- does WB release the R rated cut in theaters as we get closer to Suicide Squad?

    Thats it for now, keep up the great podcast.

    Eric Kruer