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Episode 159

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Ed, Don and Josh Paul are back to cover the last two week’s of news and Convergence books. There seems to be a large portion of the broadcast that seems to that may be an interruption to the regularly scheduled program, just wait for it. Convergence: The New Teen Titans #1 and Convergence: Detective Comics #1 are both reviewed and maybe even a little issue of Batman? Leave your comments below.


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  • Adil S.

    I’m a big fan of your podcast and website, I discovered it in December 2014 and have followed and listened to every episode since. I just want to leave a quick comment regarding your review of Batman #40, specifically pertaining to the last note Batman left for Alfred saying, “Ha.”. If you go back to Batman #17, the final issue of Death of the Family, Batman is having a conversation with a bed-ridden, recovering Alfred and he states that there is a strange, harmless, radioactive isotopic material in the toxin Joker used on him and the whole Bat Family. On the final page, Batman’s computer diagnostic on the Joker toxin identifies it as Hahnium, an element with the designation “Ha”. The purpose of that element is never really explained and at the time it could be interpreted as the Joker simply “trolling” Batman after the event as it was a harmless addition to the toxin. However with the conclusion of Endgame, I have a feeling that it is not a coincidence Bruce left that note and could perhaps relate to how he, and by extension the Joker, return. Perhaps Bruce had a discussion with Alfred off page after Death of the Family about the significance of that element and gave him protocols to follow should he ever leave that note. That might explain why Alfred offers an explanation that is overly sentimental as a way to direct everyone, including his allies, away from the protocols designed to secure his return. That’s probably a far fetched explanation, and there is probably a better one available that relates to the coincidence of the appearance of the word “Ha”, but I do think it’s likely that the appearance of that word at the end of both arcs and the context they appeared in is not an accident.

  • Terry Hughston

    Hey guys, another great episode! I’m really liking the commentary on the Convergence stuff but I’m waiting to comment on the issues specifically until we discover where each title is heading in their second issues.

    I do have thoughts, though, about the discussion on Batman #40. I’ve been thinking about this a lot, particularly about how and when we might see Bruce come back to being Batman. I don’t think that Snyder would leave things completely wide open were he to leave the book, but either way, I think he has already told us his easiest way for Bruce to come back and don the cowl again. I’ll have to review the issues to remind myself of the specifics, but remember that it is Snyder’s Bruce/Batman who develops the idea to clone himself so that he can going on being Batman into perpetuity. I also think this maybe a hint as to what Snyder has planned (or at least potentially planned) for the return of Bruce because he talks a lot about his own obsession with the concepts of death, mortality, and immortality and how several of his Batman stories have been specifically aimed at asking these questions. Snyder has said repeatedly that Endgame was all about the Joker telling Batman, “I offered you the chance to be immortal and you refused me. So, now I’m going to be the immortal one and underscore your own failings and mortality.” However, if that was meant to be the point Joker was trying to get across, what better way for Batman to triumph over that than by cloning himself and literally existing forever as both Bruce and Batman. This is also a decent explanation for both how Batman (and the Joker) could have actually, literally died in that cave in #40 yet also come back to life without undoing that specific situation. Anyway, it’s just a theory, and my theories have often proved to be wrong. But this thought seems to be characteristic of the kind of story that Snyder would tell.

    Keep up the good work everyone!