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Episode 16



In this episode there wasn't a lot of news or comics so Dane, Tim, and Terence talked about Star Wars, the new trilogy, the worst directors for the Justice League movie and the new Star wars movies, Little Gotham, and cover all of the comics from the past two weeks!



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  • Alex

    Great episode as always guys! Because of your Joker podcast, I read Detective Comics 826- Slayride for the first time today. It's easily one of my favorite Joker stories. I'm very happy you mentioned it. As a child, Joker was my favorite villain, but as I got older, his place among my favorite villains got shifted much further down the list. However, Batman issue 13 changed that and he's shot back up in my top 5 again.  Batman 13 felt like the "most perfect" comic issue I've read since the first two issues of the Dark Knight Returns.
    Hopefully in the future you'll have much more discussions of favorite stories in regards to a particular villain or favorite stories in general. Whenever you guys have discussions about a favorite comic or episode of BTAS, I get excited to go back and read/ watch them. Actually after listening to this episode, I want to check out the original Star Wars trilogy on blu-ray. Maybe I can get a deal on Black Friday.
    Thanks again!

  • Tim Geraci

    Thanks Alex! Glad you've been enjoying our discussions and that they're making you go back to check out those great stories again! I'm hoping we're able to do some more discussions like that in the future. Also, you wont be disappointed with Star Wars on Blu-Ray!

  • Alex

    I also forgot to thank you for reviewing Batman Beyond Unlimited. I just got all 9 issues and just ate them up like…..I can't think of anything right now, so I'll say some really great food! Maybe it's because I read so many at once, but I think it might be my favorite current comic series under Snyder's Batman. Recently I've been re-watching Superman the animated series on DVD, and just like all the other DCAU shows, I can't help but always think, why did this have to end? This series is the answer to my prayers! I was a fool not to listen to your reviews sooner. Thanks!

  • Tim Geraci

    No problem Alex! Glad you've enjoyed that title as much as I have! It's awesome for any fan of the DCAU, as it's great to see what happened to some of the characters from the different series. I'm right there with you, It's definitely one of the titles I always look forward to every month!

  • Hum

    thank you for another great podcast. ^_^

  • Tim Geraci

    Our pleasure Hum. Thank you for listening! Glad you're enjoying them!

  • Terence

    Alex, glad you liked the podcast and Slay Ride. It was a blast recording the podcast with Tim and Dane. 
    Hum – Your Welcome, glad you liked it.