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Episode 16: Batman (1989) Commentary and Drinking Game

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Join your hosts as they resist the urge to incessantly quote this movie as they become increasingly inebriated.


1.) Whenever Jimi says “[a million / hundred] percent!”

2.) Whenever Daniel giggles like a half-baked liberal arts major.

3.) Whenever Joe quotes this movie or attempts an impression.

4.) After ever Bat- full body turn.

5.) Every time the Joker cackles.

6.) Whenever Vicki Vale screams.

7.) When ever Batman punches, kicks, or generally assaults someone.



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  • Jazz Atmaja

    Hey guys, loved the commentary on the ’89 Batman film, I’ve watched that movie so many times I was able to really enjoy the commentary without watching the film at the same time. I agree that it is one of the best Batman films to date in that it’s a great blend of seriousness and also just a fun movie to watch, even though there are some little things that don’t hold up as well by today’s standards I can look past them because it is such a well told story. I was still 6 years from being born when the movie came out but when I first got into Batman I very quickly gravitated to this movie because it was so different and unique from any other incarnation of the mythos I had seen up to date. Anyway great job guys, I had a fun time listening to the group wax nostalgic about one of the best Batman movies ( or superhero movie in general) to date, keep it up.
    P.S I would love it if you guys make Bruce Wayne’s World t-shirts, I would buy one 🙂
    P.P.S Where’s Nick been for the last like 6 episodes?

  • Jazz Atmaja

    Forgot to ask I know you guys said you were going to cover the theatrically released film first, but you guys should definitely do a commentary on the Under the Red Hood animated movie, one of the best animated Batman films I’ve seen yet. Thanks guys and I’d love to be a part of it if you’d want me

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