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Episode 160

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Jaime and Andy are here with the second part of their review of Batman v Superman. Be sure to leave your thoughts on the film in the comments section for discussion on a future episode!


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  • Joe Kerr

    I think the portrayal of a rather melancholic Superman in BvS, really disappointed a lot of fans and critics (that were paid off by Marvel, to give negative reviews). I think that showing the character’s more optimistic side, even while being hated on by some people, would have really improved the film, and highlighted the differences between Supes and Batman. Perhaps Lex Luthor’s role could have been slightly reduced to discovering Kryptonite, creating Doomsday, and monitoring Metahumans. And then you could have thrown out the Africa subplot, to try and frame Superman. And kinda stuck to what the trailers set-up. Superman thinking that Batman’s a dangerous vigilante, while Batman’s been prepping for almost two years, in anticipation of either Superman getting in his way, or Superman turning against mankind.

    Even though BvS wasn’t able to reach it’s full potential critically, or at the box-office. I think that for Justice League, Zack Snyder will almost be forced to tell a more “FUN” comic booky type of movie, because he’ll have so many more interesting characters to introduce. Unlike Scoot McNairy’s character in BvS! Who was PERFECTLY set-up to become Metallo in the film, but like so many other potentially cool things, Zack Snyder held it back.

  • Dave

    Hey Guys, I had already put in a question for Episode #159 but with BvS’s 2nd week box office numbers being such a big news story I have some additional questions.

    With such a steep drop-off for BvS 2nd weekend what adjustments if any would you make to the DCEU if you were the CEO of WB Pictures and what do you realistically expect WB will do going forward?

    I’m concerned that DC movies such as The Flash & Cyborg may now be in jeopardy and everyone seems to have forgotten about the Shazam movie what’s its status?

    Lastly, Zack Snyder seems to be getting the blame for most of the issues many fans have with BvS but I certainly don’t think he deserves that distinction after all WB did chose to continue with his vision even after the strong discord between fans & general audiences over MOS.

    Thanks and have a good one. Dave

  • Avery

    Thanks so much for this podcast. I feel like I’ve been surrounded by a sea of hate surrounding this movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. I feels really good to come somewhere and have my faith affirmed.

    I like you guys think the movie was very brave, very creative, and handled its massive responsibility very well. I still don’t really understand the hate but I can’t say that i’m surprised since it felt like people have been waiting to hate this movie almost since it was announced. I actually got a hold of one of the Regal Ultimate tickets (which is super cool and metallic and awesome) so I’m probably heading for my 6th, 7th, and 8th watches later this weekend. The thing that is really killing me is the slander coming from other comic book fans. This movie didn’t feel disjointed to me at all. It felt a lot like the way comics are written. A page or two about this a panel or two about this, some things happen off panel and then we start to connect story lines. It felt very good the way the story was told. yes some points had to be inferred but that’s the nature of fiction right? You have to use your imagination sometimes. I don’t know maybe I’m just ranting, thanks again for all of your hard work!

  • Michael Downey

    Hey Guys, regarding the issue of logos, do you think it’s possible that Lex didn’t come up with the logos but rather took them from the logos on the characters. All the footage was past footage from heroes who now exist, but maybe aren’t known in the mainstream. The Flash, by the point Bruce gets the files, for example, may already exist as the Flash with that symbol on his chest and Lex simply used the Flash emblem from other existing images. He had many files on the Flash that weren’t opened and watched, maybe one of them actually shows the Flash emblem. Point being, maybe Lex didn’t make the symbols, maybe they were taken from some of the footage that he had in his many files that weren’t in the videos we were shown. Let me know what you think. Thanks for listening.