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Episode 161

Gerry and Chris are hear to cover the next installment of Bat-Books for Beginners. This time around Batman: War Games Act 3 is covered which includes Detective Comics #799-800, Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight #184, Nightwing #98, Batman: Gotham Knights #58, Robin #131, Batgirl #57, Catwoman #36 and Batman #633-634. Be sure to leave your comments below. Next episode: Batman: War Crimes.


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  • Ian Miller

    Excellent coverage. I tend to agree that Steph’s actual death scene, where Batman tells her she’s “part of the legend,” is very moving – so much so that I tag all my posts about Steph’s brief time as Robin with that phrase when I blog. However, I think the fight between Steph and Black Mask is incredibly poorly written – why does she get shot as a “reward” for deciding that Batman is right and she can’t deal out death and judgment as a vigilante? The mixed messages of that narrative arc are staggering, especially since Steph already learned that lesson as Robin, in Detective Comics 796, when she faced Zsasz. Additionally, the purpose of this story seems to be the same as that of Death of the Family, by Snyder – to isolate Batman again. But I wish the Bat-writers would get it through their heads – Batman is made worse, not better, when he pushes his family away. This kind of story is only worthwhile if you make it a point to have Batman and his family come back together at the end (or in a follow up story), like Rucka and Brubaker did in Bruce Wayne: Murderer/Fugitive. To just try to setup a status quo of Batman being brutal and alone does nothing but make readers mad and the character insane instead of heroic.