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Episode 162

Episode 161 Pic

Jaime and Andy are here to discuss everything related to The Batman Universe! What’s happening with Suicide Squad? Is their trouble within the DC Cinematic Universe? What can we expect Killing Joke? All this and coverage of a ton of listener’s comments from the past episodes are in this episode? Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Alex Casey

    Just Donated. I love the podcast. You guys always crack me up.

    [Possible Spoilers I guess]
    What do you guys think about the rumors that we might see batman take down killer croc? I am already super excited about Suicide Squad but the more Batman the better for me. While I can see BvS wasn’t a perfect movie, Ben Affleck is already my favorite Batman. Oh and I loved your rant on Holy Batcast Andy. Just Perfect.

    Anyways. Thanks again!

  • Dave

    Hey Guys,
    I first wanted to ask about the new podcast picture, I believe that’s Jaime is to your right but who is that to your left and where was this picture taken?

    A lot of sites are now claiming that a recent WB Studio Tour video is confirmation from the studio (one in particular says 100% officially confirmed) that the costume of the dead Robin in BvS belongs to Jason Todd. I’m still of the belief that until Zack Snyder reaffirms this that it’s still not confirmed (que sound effect).
    Thanks and keep up the great work, Dave