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Episode 165

Episode 164 Pic

Andy and Jaime are here to cover the past week of Bat-News. From Suicide Squad to Gym Gordon, it’s all here. Be sure to share your thoughts below!


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  • Allie Sanchez

    Ok, Here ya go…

    “Batman V Justice League Dawn of The Resurgence of the Super Friends Part 1 A”


    Awesome podcast as always….till next time…

    Your batchum (batgal?),

  • Dave

    Hey guys welcome back it’s been a while.

    Do you think we’ll get another Suicide Squad trailer, I’m quite content with the footage that has been shown so I hope not?

    Andy have you heard anything from any of your former WB colleagues/friends regarding the early buzz on the Skwad?

    Also any word yet on when we may see a WW trailer and have guys seen this gif (see link below) that’s apparently from one of the special features available with the iTunes BvS Ultimate Edition digital download?


    Thanks and keep up the great work,

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Craig:

    why did you spell Jim GYM are you going to work out after the podcast?