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Episode 165: SDCC News Recap

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A week earlier than everyone expected, we are back to talk nothing but news. With the surprise of actual news coming out at Comic Con we are here to discuss everything that happened right before, during and right after the convention. Which new series were announced? What new creator projects are coming? What characters are going to die? Well, maybe we don’t have any answers for the last one, but there is tons to discuss in this news filled episode. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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  • Gerry Green

    Glad you are back early guy. Yes, made my day.

    Thanks for the advice on Black Canary, I’ll check out the Green Arrow stuff for sure. I’ve been LOVING the Gail Simone Birds of Prey and will keep digging into the books and podcast you mentioned. Also, good info on Gail Simone. Thanks.

    In reference to the discussion about Gotham Academy sales, I think that this book is safe even at its modest sales numbers. It is so critically acclaimed it provides lots of positive press coverage for the Batman Universe. It also appeals to a completely different segment of the market, one which is underdeveloped and underserved. So I think that DC will hang in there with this title longer than they would otherwise. Though this might be magical thinking on my part because of how much I love GA.

    I agree that Grayson seems to have an expiration date on it. How long can they keep Dick as a secret agent outside of the rest of the Gotham derring do? However, the sales numbers are almost 40k a month so it might be hard to leave those sales on the table. Story might trump continuity but will it trump book sales?

    I agree with Stella, I’m not really looking forward to The Killing Joke. Yuk. If Mark Hamill is voicing Joker it sets up a dilemma. MH’s Joker is so classic and PG while the Killing Joke is a filthy dark-hearted approach to the character. There will be cognitive dissonance hearing Mr. Hamill’s Joker and seeing what he does to Barbara. This is the book that ruined Joker for me I hope it doesn’t ruin the Animated Series too. Go Riddler!

    Great show, hear you next time.

  • Donovan

    I love how by the ending Stella was squawking because of how much Dustin was doggin’ on her

  • John Mxyzptlk

    I’m definitely looking forward to the Killing Joke animated movie. As for Gerry Green and Ed, not considering Mark Hamill’s Joker dark enough for the story. You guys are overthinking it. The only reason that the Joker wasn’t more brutal in the animated series, was because the show still had to be somewhat kid-friendly. And yet still, the Joker backhanded Harley, and then pushed her out of a building in the Mad Love episode. Andrea Romano will get the perfect performance out of Mark Hamill.

    I’ll assume that the movie will have a decent ending. Batman sharing a laugh with the Joker, doesn’t work. Batman finally breaking his no-killing rule, and snapping the Joker’s neck, would have been a better ending, and fit the title. As far as I’m concerned, that’s how Alan Moore’s Killing Joke REALLY ended.

    In the Arkham Knight storyline, I wasn’t surprised that (SPOILER ALERT) she forced Tim Drake to marry her. I guess she figured if she couldn’t have Bruce, she’d have to settle for Tim. I really liked how the Bruce/Barbara relationship was handled in the Bruce Timm DCAU continuity. It made perfect sense for Babs to fall in love with her amazing mentor. It was too bad that in Kyle Higgins’ Batman Beyond 2.0, Barbara ended up suffering a miscarriage. An offspring of Bruce and Babs, would have been super intelligent. In the current DC comics, it would be cool to see Dick Grayson move back to Bludhaven, create a brand new crime-fighting alter-ego, and hook back up with his one and only true love, Starfire.