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Episode 166

Episode 164 Pic

After almost two months away, Jaime and Andy are here to cover the past two months worth of news as well as wrapping up Comic Con. Be sure to leave your thoughts below.


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  • Steve

    Alright! So much Batman news to check up on. My drives to work have been Batmanless.

  • Dave

    Hey guys, just a couple of questions.
    This year was supposed to be the coming out party for the DCEU BvS was hopefully going to be an event film that would right the wrongs of MOS and introduce a new Batman, but that train derailed and all eyes shifted to Suicide Squad which was originally thought to be more of an experimental sort of film (bad vs evil), but suddenly all the hopes & dreams of the DC fandom was pinned on it and it too derailed. So my question is, was SS doomed to failure after BvS was savaged by critics and is Wonder Woman now destined to suffer the same faith? It’s already started “what a beautiful teaser, it was than I hoped”, just wait until December when the first full trailer will probably be released and see what’s said then.

    Andy you said you “Suicide Squad isn’t a perfect film but it’s an incredibly entertaining one” but in terms of the script and the overall production how would you compare it to Civil War & Winter Soldier, in your opinion what sort of commitment is lacking in order to make this almost a perfect film?
    Thanks and have a good one,

  • Rory

    I was wondering when the next episode is coming out. Was looking forward to your review of Suicide Squad last week, but it never came. Normally new episodes are out by now, and I dont see a new episode this week either. What’s going on?

  • Jeremy

    I second Rory’s comments. It seems that the episodes have been spread out really far and I thought the Suicide Squad review would have come right away.

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Joe:

    Love the show guys. Thanks for the hustlers of entertainment. This is really just an opinion but would love to hear if you agree or not. I love the timeline for Batman in the DCEU. I’ve always felt it’s weird for Batman to take on someone like The Penguin one minute and then go on to fight Darkseid with the Justice League the next. I like that here it is somewhat reminiscent of Batman: the animated series where batman has his whole solo history first and then superman and the justice league come along later in his career. It also leaves a lot up to our imagination as far as what this batman has faced before we see him. A lot of options now for the solo bat movies. Thanks again. Keep up the great work.
    P. S. Love the random movie quotes and tangents you go on haha.

  • Hi guys! So sorry for the absence! We will be back with a new episode next week! Thanks for being pals and making sure we weren’t dead and stuff! 😉
    – McGoonacle