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Episode 166

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After covering all of the news last week, Dustin and Ed are back to cover the last three weeks worth of comics including Batman #42 and Detective Comics #42. The TBU Spotlight goes rather quick considering the sheer number of issues, so be sure to read full reviews of all of the books on the website. The episode rounds out with some listener feedback, and you of course can contribute your feedback below.


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  • Terry Hughston

    Hey guys. Another great episode. I was legitimately sad when you said that Stella wouldn’t be back. I won’t be so easy to fool next time.

    I just wanted to comment about Dustin’s theory about the possibility that the Bruce Wayne we’ve seen in the last two issues of Batman might be a clone from Bruce’s cloning program he started in Detective Comics #27. As much as I hope this wouldn’t be the truth, I commented with that exact theory on Episode 159 (which was read on Episode 160). I guess great minds think alike. But, even before we saw that Bruce seems completely out of his element and maybe doesn’t remember some things about his life, I thought that the easiest way to bring Bruce Wayne back while also leaving the Joker dead would be to bring Bruce (and Bruce’s Batman) back as a clone, leaving the original Bruce and the Joker actually still dead. I especially still think this might be a possibility because Snyder is so focused on themes of death. And Bruce’s ultimate victory over the death that Joker confronts him with would be to essentially say, I have found a way to be immortal.

    Anyway, I still hope that this isn’t the case, but Snyder very rarely gives us a plot point that he doesn’t circle back around to eventually. I guess we’ll just have to see what the future brings.

  • Stella

    Two comments and a question:
    1) You said ‘Unfortunately, I’m joking. Stella’s not really gone.’ Shouldn’t it be ‘fortunately’ not ‘unfortunately?’

    2) I was not on vacation.

    3) Now for the question: Did you notice Jim says Babs drew on his tobacco patches? What did you think of that?

  • Albert V.

    Dustin you had my heart drop for a second when you said Stella would no longer be on the podcast… I almost had a marlon brando from streetcar named desire stella moment….you got me… Glad it was only a joke

    I hadn’t even thought of the Snyder clone possibility until you mentioned it, and sadly it could make sense because didn’t batman get a bit disfigured in his fight with the joker (i.e. the card through the eye), and this bruce wayne seems to have no facial scarring, i hope its not the case because a clone batman would up so many cans of worms

    As for detective i enjoyed the direction they were going in, i had become just as excited to read manupal/buccellato’s detective as i had batman… I certainly agree with you guys that they were knee capped and its a shame, that being said i think they are doing a really good job with the cards they were dealt all things considered..

    Do you guys think there’s a possibility of Scott Snyder fatigue? I’ve heard rumblings by some who do want him to leave after 50, how do you guys feel?

    Another good pod, keep up the good work guys! Stella come back, you were missed!

  • Gerry Green

    Great podcast again all. I’m glad Stella will be back, you had me there for a second.

    Sorry about being unclear in my last comment GA= Gotham Academy not Green Arrow.

    Yes, I understand the thoughts on Grayson and its a good point that Dick will still have a book but possibly with a new character. I’m looking forward to whatever is next for him.

    In reference to the discussion about Mark Hamill as Joker. As Dustin guessed I have not played the Arkham games so don’t have that memory of Mark Hamill’s voice acting. However, I still probably will pass on The Killing Joke. I like spooky horror but TKJ is too far into torture porn for my taste.

  • Guy

    Another great episode!!! Thanks guys.