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Episode 167

Episode 167 Pic

Jamie and Andy are back to give their long-awaited review of Suicide Squad and cover all of the news from the past month. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Ryan Lovatt

    Welcome back after that well deserved break, guys.

    I’m currently playing catch up after a break myself.

    Hearing what you guys had said about Suicide Squad, I agree. It wasn’t a terrible film but it did have some issues. Like BvS, I understood where some of the critical stuff was coming from but not the outright hatred for this movie.

    I’m writing this after just listening to Episode 167 and I’m assuming that the next (current) episode will be discussing , or at least mentioning, the Ben Affleck post of Deathstroke that seemed to have caused the internet to explode.

    I was very excited to see this footage, whether it was a screen test or a Post Credits scene for Justice League. With the rumours flying around that Deathstroke is the lead villain for The Batman (which I have no problem with) it does raise a few questions considering some other rumours, mainly the one of Deathstroke being the antagonist for Suicide Squad 2 which supposedly shoots in Spring 2017. Although I don’t have an issue with any of those, I am concerned with the seemingly speeding up of these movies; Man of Steel 2 being set up for pre production, The Flash shooting in early 2017 as well, the aformentioned Suicide Squad 2, and I’m sure I’m forgetting one or two others…I am a fan of the DCEU, despite its flaws, I just hope that WB and DC Films aren’t pushing these movies out as fast as they can to catch up with Marvel because the end product could ultimately suffer.

    I can understand wanting to strike while the iron is hot to capture the essence of a movie for a sequel, rushing out movies trying to get the audience but giving out lackluster stories for these amazing characters will only turn fans away if the results seem rushed, which Suicide Squad seemed to be according to some people. I’m aware that the movie business can change at a moment’s notice so I’m not too concerned just sharing my thoughts with fellow DCEU and DC Comic fans.

    Keep up the great work and sorry for the length of this message,


  • Marie

    Hey guys! Long wait. Glad to hear you’re back.

    I liked SS. I felt it was meant to be a more entertaining film & after BvS, we needed a change of pace. The story was very simple, which shouldn’t have confused anyone. I think the focus on this film was always supposed to be the characters. I think WB noticed the film’s strength were the characters and they had the marketing focus on the different characters, who they were & their interactions w/each other. So I wasn’t surprised that they were the highlight of the film. Still, I would’ve liked a major plot twist thrown at the characters but I won’t complain.

    I do agree w/many that there wasn’t enough Joker to really get a feel for this new interpretation. I agree w/Jamie that there wasn’t a build up to him. Rather, you just had the Joker appear so we do need to see more of him before any comparisons can be made to previous incarnations. I also believe that many of his scenes were cut due to the abusive nature of his relationship w/Harley. That’s something I worried about when I watched the film w/2 other female family members who have no knowledge of these characters. I think if the film had shown that side of mad love, I definitely would’ve heard some complaints on that even though it would’ve been true to their relationship. Plus, can you imagine how much more backlash WB/DC would’ve gotten promoting “abuse.” It’s a difficult thing and I think they did what they felt was best. Hopefully, the cut scenes make it to blu ray.

    Also, I’m a Gambit fan as well & want to eventually see him in live action at some point in my lifetime. At this pace, we may never know. If it’s having this much trouble, maybe it’s just not meant to be…at least right now. I’m NOT a fan of Channing Tatum so imagine my excitement fall to disappointment from initial announcement to casting. All we can do is wait and see.

    Sorry for the long response. Enjoy the show. Keep up the good work.