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Episode 167

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Dustin, Ed and Stella are back this time around with coverage of the TBU Spotlight books as well as a number of discussions including is there Scott Snyder fatigue? What other characters have yet to appear in the New 52 that we would like to see show up? What are our thoughts on Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad so far? All this and a ton more. Be sure to leave your thgouths for the next episode below.


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  • Doug M.

    In regards to your discussion about Scott Snyder being on Batman and how long a writer should remain on a title, I don’t think you can put a tenure length on how long a writer should stay on a book. As long as he’s creating interesting stories, let him keep going. Personally, I wish he would stick more with Batman’s classic rogues gallery since readers tend to have more vested in them. I don’t mind him creating new characters, but I hold the classics (Joker, Riddler, Catwoman, etc.) in a special place. My BIGGEST problem with Snyder is that he has too much power over the other Bat titles, Like y’all said, he knee capped Detective Comics who, in my opinion, had been producing better stories. My question is, shouldn’t the group editor be the one guiding the Bat series? If they want to use Synder’s stuff so much, make him group editor. A single writer should not constitute the rest of the books. If that writer does, they need a promotion. I love the podcast and look forward to seeing each episode pop up on my iPhone. To Ed and Stella, thanks for being the Harvey to Dustin’s Two-Face. To Dustin, it always makes me smile when the other two can make you laugh. Keep up the great work.

  • Albert V.

    Wow great discussion guys, I had no clue you guys would discuss snyder for about 30 minites when I asked that question. I lean more towards the way dustin feels, ed you are a serious snyder apologist and a good one at that, I found myself nodding my head and saying “you know, he’s got a good point”. It was good to hear stella back on the pod; but dustin I felt like I had to take a shower after all the marvel talk this episode haha.

    A little off topic but with season two of gotham coming up, I wanted to ask you dustin; is the gotham chronicle podcast going to continue I really enjoyed the first season with Josh, Stella, and Don… I know it may have been torture for them towards the end because the show was so bad, but it was a great listen…

    Another great pod, thanks for all you guys do for our entertainment!

  • Great discussion. I really like all the points made about Snyder’s run. I really, really like Snyder’s ideas, but I think he tends to have serious problems providing a satisfying ending. I think it’s fascinating that he’s actually doing exactly the same thing Grant Morrison did – kill off Bruce Wayne as Batman and have a long-running supporting character take up the mantel – and just as with Morrison’s run, the universe reshaped itself around the new Batman. I happen to like Snyder’s writing on a character and dialogue level way better than Morrison’s exposition-o-rama, and I like Capullo’s art enormously better than the Chris Burnham/Frank Quitely style that Morrison obviously loves to collaborate with. That being said, I do miss the post-Crisis continuity that Morrison shaped – particularly Bryan Q. Miller’s Batgirl run – but there was a reason for the new 52 reboot, and Snyder’s massive sales are a strong argument that there’s something they’re doing that appeals to a wider audience that Morrison and his fellow writers couldn’t or didn’t tap into.

    Also, it was great to have Stella back! Though I was sad that she skipped mentioning Stephanie Brown as Spoiler in the Batgirl Annual #3!

  • Forgot to add that I thought the ending of Endgame was too similar to Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke – I reject the idea that Batman is a mirror image of the Joker, and so having Batman’s “last word” be “Ha,” rubs me the wrong way in exactly the same way having Batman and the Joker share a little joke at the end of TKJ does.

  • chris faustyn

    in regards to batman, what if its actually alfred wearing a mask (like dick grayson did earlier to make himself look like the joker) to look like bruce while bruce heals?

    • Doug M.

      Interesting since Alfred actually did this is the 60s TV show.

      • chris faustyn

        i was not aware of that fact but i feel more confident that this could be the case

  • jared

    Hey guys, I’ve been listening for awhile now and have come to really enjoy your chemistry. Thanks for help in keeping my family fed by buying and giving synopsis’s of all these side comics so I don’t have to go broke doing it.
    I just have a couple quick points that I was surprised didn’t come up. On the whole Bruce Wayne being a clone thing, the one thing that makes me think this may not be the direction they are heading is because its been done before. Spiderman had a clone for awhile and it was not a well received story at all. Would they really try it again and copy one of the worst stories by their main competitor?
    Also, on your point that other mediums don’t worry at all about keeping a fresh writer on the story like comics do, you mentioned Harry Potter and Game of Thrones as examples. The difference I see there is Rowlings and Martin are not just the writers of those stories, but the creators of these characters and worlds. Comics don’t just change writers because they grow stale, but out of absolute necessity considering how long these characters have existed. People naturally move on in one way or another. That being said Snyder can stay on Batman as long as he likes in my opinion, his stories got me back into comics. Then again, Morrison had a long run and he’s the reason I LEFT comics, so its all a matter of taste I guess on how long you want someone to stay.
    And lastly, on why Snyder sells so many more comics than other bat-titles, it seems to me Batman is the summer blockbuster of comics, where as detective may be an indie Oscar candidate. And the fact is, WAY more people gravitate towards the movie (or comic) that they don’t have to think too hard about and has all sorts of action beats and major movie stars.
    hope i made sense and sorry for being so long winded, but thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts.

  • John Mxyzptlk

    Other than Catwoman’s response to Batman’s disappearance. I’m not a fan of Scott Snyder’s current storyline, in the main Bat-titles. I really wish that Snyder wouldn’t have listened to your Batman-hating, Marvel-loving podcast partner, Stella, and messed with Bruce Wayne. I think she said something about wanting Bruce to go on a vacation, and get eaten by King Shark. I don’t think that giving him Dionesium a.k.a. superhero-amnesia, is much better. Showing what kind of man Bruce would be, if he wasn’t haunted by his psychological trauma, could be told in one single issue. He’d be a nice, normal, well-adjusted guy, who volunteered to help out in his community. Great! Now lets move on! Hopefully he’ll get his memory back soon. And did Alfred even tell Bruce that he had a biological son, named Damian?! I know Snyder is terrible at acknowledging Damian’s existence, but C’MON!

    I expect the Batman v Superman movie to be amazing. I would’ve loved to have seen Jena Malone play an adult version of Carrie Kelley. But if she ends up playing a walking Barbara Gordon, who can be Oracle, while still being able to physically fight crime as Batgirl, that would be awesome.

  • TimDrakeFan

    My biggest problem with Bruce being out of the picture is the lack of Tim Drake reacting. As far as I am aware, the problem of Tim not being in the Bat-Family continues. It really bothers me because prior to the New 52, Tim’s series was all about Tim looking for Bruce and dealing with Bruce being gone. Now they’ve made Tim so separate he’s not even involved.