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Episode 168

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Join Dustin, Ed and Stella as they cover the past two weeks of news and reviews. New details for Dark Knight III were released as well as an announcement of Batman: Europa finally releasing as well. Detective Comics and Batman are reviewed and what did the listeners think of Snyder fatigue? All that and a whole lot more on this episode. Be sure to leave your thoughts below.


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  • Gerry Green

    Great podcast guys. Love to hear the passionate discussion.

    Maybe Section Eight can take Joker’s Daughter. They are looking for a member.

    The Bat Family situation is odd. I know they are focusing on stories over continuity and there are some cool encounters with Bruce running the local youth center. But it all seems like just a bunch of one-off scenes. Where is this going? And Damien and Dick’s non-reaction to what happens to Bruce is starting to feel really weird. Come on DC, lets get it together.

  • Dustin Fritschel

    From Mark:

    I’ve been listening to your comic podcast for a while now and decided to send in an email. I really enjoy looking at comic sales and DC numbers have been down for sometime. Marvel is killing it with Secret Wars and I feel that will propel their All New, All Different line in September and November. I feel like Convergence not only was meh, but also slowed the momentum for DC Comics. Do you think DC will get a bump in October/November with the Frank Miller Master Race, Batman and Robin Eternal and all the Darkseid War tie ins? I think that the BVS and Suicide Squad Movie will give sales a bump when the DCEU finally gets launched. Sales for Suicide Squad as of now are meh and the other Justice League Members numbers are low especially Green Lantern and Aquaman. Does a change in the front office need to happen for DC? Lastly I’ve really been enjoying the new Deathstroke series. Tony S Daniel art has reinvented Slade Wilson and I like the approach to make him young. He’s much more relatable now than the Kyle Higgins run. Have a great week.

  • Scott


    Love the show, great discussion as always.

    After listening for the past couple of weeks about the miss use of Tim Drake and the current Teen Titans run, I was wondering if you could recommend a good run of the Titans for someone who has never read any to pick up in trade form.

    Keep up the great work, you guys are the reason I’m reading so many more DC comics 🙂


  • Doug

    From Doug,

    Another great podcast guys (and girl). I wanted to first talk about something that I thought y’all were going to touch on during the podcast but never did. It’s about when Alfred is trying to fill in Bruce on the events of his life and more specifically, the murder of Thomas and Martha Wayne. When Alfred is explaining to Bruce about the importance of this event being the catalyst of him becoming Batman, Bruce tells Alfred that the most he could feel for “that boy” is empathy. Since this is the driving force for the crusade Bruce sets upon, how do you think that the lack of this emotion will drive Bruce to becoming Batman again? Lastly, I know y’all have talked about it many times before and Scott Synder has even acknowledged it, but the fact that Snyder has a hard time writing Damien, or any other member of the Bat-family for that matter, shouldn’t exclude him from even acknowledging their existence. The “death” of Bruce should have had a greater ripple through the Bat-family. Even if he didn’t want to explicitly add them to the story, he should have made some reference some where. I just find it odd, with Damien especially, that he rarely if ever acknowledges their existence. Again, great work and keep it up.

  • Mary

    Hi all,

    Thank you for another entertaining podcast everyone.
    There could be some interesting stories coming out of this concept of Batman being dead and Bruce having amnesia. If Bruce has amnesia, that means no one knows Dick is still alive. It would be interesting, but I doubt they will go in this direction, for Dick to see this corporate GCPD Batman as doing a dis-service to the idea of what Batman stood for and take over the cowl himself. This would upset the people “in charge” of Batman, who are most likely protecting their own interests at the expense of the people in general. There would also be the mystery for Barbara, Julia, and Alfred of figuring out who is Batman. They would never even suspect Dick.
    My theory is that Bruce does not really have amnesia and it is all an elaborate plot to uncover something shady within Powers Technology. Who all is in on it would be the big question. Julia? Dick? Damien? I’m pretty sure Alfred is not. It will be just another of the growing list of secrets Bruce is keeping from everyone. But if he does in fact have amnesia, I’m predicting he’ll get it back at the circus. They have been forecasting this pretty strongly and we all know something bad is going to happen. After all, it’s a circus. In Gotham.


  • Jerry

    Love another great episode. I am a BTO listener and wanted to know what the TBU Comic Podcast host thought about the Dick/Kori/Babs relationship?