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Episode 169


Jaime and Andy are here to catch up some news since the last episode and to make an important announcement. Be sure to leave your comments below!


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  • Allie Sanchez

    Jaime and Andy,

    so so sad to see you go. Thank you for all the podcasts, laughs, #confirmed s! And singing ….

    I will miss your dynamic! And your poscasts so much!

    Jaime please guest host on holy batcast with Andy often!

    It’s been an honor serving Gotham with you….

    Your Batgal,

    • Thanks so much Allie! So tough to make these calls sometimes… we will truly miss it!! Thank you so much for your support and for your service to Gotham and the Bat-family! I will most definitely join Andy on HBC when he’ll have me!

      All the best to ya Batgal!

      Jaime McGoonical

      • Dan S

        Hey there Jamie,

        Sorry for the fairly late comment but i’m a long time listener and fan of the show who just got caught up on the last 3 podcasts, only to be really bummed out once I finally catch up and then find out this was your last show!

        I know you had good intentions in mind and it must have been a hard choice to fully wrap up your time on the podcast so I just wanted to make my way over here for once, instead of just being a silent listener, to simply say thanks for some really great and enjoyable entertainment from both you guys over the years.

        I stumbled onto Holy Batcast first before even knowing about the BU Podcast but once I found this show as well I quickly took a preference to it as the great camaraderie, witty back and forth banter, constantly upbeat tone and clearly great friendship you and Andy have was just always a really great listen-to in general.

        Best of luck with everything you’re currently doing both personally and professionally, and looking forward to hopefully hearing from you again back over on Holy Batcast every now and then.

        Take care and thanks again, pal.


        • Dan,

          Thanks so much for your kind words and your listener…ship! 😀

          Yes it was truly a very tough call to make, as there were many weeks for me, that recording the podcast was the absolute breath of fresh air I needed being able to get excited about all the rad Batman stuff going on while hanging out with mah pals!

          No worries about not writing in as I listen to many podcasts myself and almost NEVER write in as well! We see the numbers and know how many of you guys and gals are out there, so it was always great knowing you guys were checking in with us and having some hang time with your dear ol’ Bat-chums, Andy and Magoonacle.

          Definitely keep listening to the TBU podcasts and to Holy Batcast as there is still so much to offer! I know I am! So sorry we had to bail on you guys but it truly was with a heavy heart and we still hang and reminisce about doing the show. Stupid life getting in the way! 😛

          Take care Dan and know that #confirmed you always have a couple of Bat Chums out there!


          Jaime McGough McGoo McGoonacle

  • Devin Davis

    Great episode! New to the show, just started listening after Rebirth. I am not disappointed. Awesome hosts with LOTS of Batman knowledge and much love for the character. My question involves artists. How much does it affect a run for you if there is no constant artist??? Scott Snyder had what some would consider the best Batman run in recent memory, and had one artist (Greg Capullo) drawing it. Tom King is writing a great book, but has had multiple artists through 10 issues, and is solicited to have more. (I for one am very excited for the Mitch Gerard’s issues!!!) Do you think this will influence how well Tom King does on Batman? Or is it something that you believe won’t effect the book too tremendously? Thanks for the awesome show!

    • Dustin Fritschel

      I’m pretty sure based on the content of your comment, this was meant for the Comic Cast. I’ll add your question over there so we don’t miss it on the next episode.