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Episode 169

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Dustin, Ed and Stella return to cover the news and reviews from the past two weeks. This time around solicitations are discussed along with the jam packed Spotlight section. After discussing tons of listener comments, the group discuss Ed’s Top 10 list of Batman stories to read as well as the recent news of DC supposedly going belly up. Are they really going under or is it all being blown out of proportion? Find out and and leave your comments below.


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  • Kaleb

    A few weeks ago you guys were discussing which characters from the Pre-New 52 you would like to see be introduced into the New 52. That conversation got me thinking about a few characters that I enjoy reading that might have been introduced but haven’t really been used in a story arc. Now I really only read Batman and Detective Comics so forgive me if I’m just unaware of a story from a different series, but I do try to keep up with the universe by listening to you guys. But Mr. Freeze is the first one that comes to mind. Aside from Snyder rewriting his origin in Batman Annual #1 (which almost ruined the character in my opinion and needs to be undone) we haven’t seen him aside from a small appearance in Arkham Manor. Do you guys have any characters (aside from Tim Drake, Ed) that you feel should be used more or would like to see used better in a story? Thanks for your time and all the hard work.

  • Scott

    Great episode again!

    Thanks for the TT advice.

    Listening to the Marvel/DC conversation, I feel at this point in time comic wise DC is by far the better choice. The changes that the other company are making seem to be for the sake of change and not to move the story forward, I do however agree with Stella that Marvel do seem more willing to take more chances. That’s my two pennies for what it’s worth.

    The tonal shift within Batgirl is what attracted me to reading the series and I honestly feel that at this point in time it is the best thing on shelves.

    The Deadpool/Harley comparison is dead on with some of the shifts in style I now feel that you have a lot more variety in DC and that can’t be a bad thing.

    Thanks for the top ten list of recommended titles glad to see I had most and that Hush was at the top of the list.

    I feel like I’ve gone on long enough so thanks again and keep up the great work


    P.s Love BTO team Babs all the way 🙂

  • Gerry Green

    Another great podcast guys, thanks.

    When you were discussing the Bleeding Cool article Harley Quinn came up (thanks for the kind words about my reviews) and I just wanted to give some perspective as the reviewer as well as an unabashed HQ fan.

    Between the Harley Quinn main title and Harley Quinn and Power Girl she is selling over 100k titles a month. One reason that I think these books sell so well is, as you mentioned, they are a lighter tone than almost all the other DC books out there. Conner and Palmiotti are out and out funny. Yes, the plots are often hard to follow but the tone of the books is positively joyful. Harley’s misplaced optimism in her own abilities propels the stories forward. And when things go wrong she just shrugs it off and thinks of something else to try. Harley Quinn is like Chauncey Gardiner on amphetamines in a clown suit. Lightheartedness is sorely lacking in most Bat books.

    The writing is also smart. For example in HQ&PG #3 there were many references to Hunter Thompson’s writing that blew me away. I’m not sure how many 20 year olds are going to catch the references, even the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is creeping up on 20 years old. But I have been reading HST since the late 70’s so the gags really resonated with me. This is why I’m such a fan of the recent run.

    You mentioned that the main Harley title dropped 10k in a month. I think there are a few reasons for this. First of all, Captain Strong should have been a single issue bad guy. He just isn’t interesting enough to carry 3 issues. Also, the recently formed Harley Gang isn’t really working. There were 12 new characters and that was just too many to really get to know any of them. Now that the 5 Harley Quints are gone maybe we can get some better focus. Although with the story moving to California who knows what the plan is for the Gang.

    To understand her popularity you have to take a look at the market for these titles. Harley is amazingly popular with the rapidly expanding female audience. I read an article recently that said there were more female comic book fans under 21 than male fans. And one look at the cosplaying community will tell you that she is one of, if not the, most costumed. A woman doesn’t need to have a model’s figure to make a great Harley, she just needs that attitude.

    One reason of the characters popularity might be that her tragic relationship with the Joker makes many people identify with her. There is more to it though. Much has been made of her relationship with Ivy et al. and most people consider her to be bisexual. However, I don’t think this is quite right. She is almost post-LGBTQ. She ignores any label that is put on her be it her sexuality, sanity or competence. The fact that our culture is rejecting the shame-of-self of previous generations is surely having an effect on the attitudes of younger people. Harley’s popularity might reflect new ways of thinking and the shape of things to come.

    On a side note, I totally agree with Ed about the quality of Prez. Read Prez. DC is doing some very interesting and, dare I say it, culturally important stuff.

    Oh yeah, team Babs over here.

  • John Mixel

    Hmm. Team Starfire or Team Babs? This may be a bit controversial, but I’m definitely on Team Tarantula. Yep, that’s right. Pre-Flashpoint Catalina Flores. I’m sure that I’m the only one on that team, but that’s okay. And since it continues to get brought up on this podcast, I’ll continue to respond with a big fat NO, to Dick Grayson ever temporarily becoming Batman again. That story has already been told. Dick Grayson and Jim Gordon are great supporting characters. But there’s only one Dark Knight. And it was nice to read a story about him in Batman #44.

    I feel like reading Scott Snyder’s current story arc in ‘Batman’, is like watching Harvey Dent become Two-Face. “You either die a great and flawless Batman writer, or you live long enough to see yourself become Frank Miller”. Every time Ed defends Scott Snyder, it reminds me of Harley Quinn defending the Joker. Every time Dustin hates on Harley Quinn’s massive popularity, I laugh. People love her because she’s funny and adorable. She’s kinda like Lucille Ball in the show ‘I Love Lucy’, but on steroids. And I love that she has passed Dick Grayson and the Joker, to become the most popular Batman-related character.

    As for DC Comics sitting at second place, behind Marvel Comics. Hasn’t that been the case for like the past forty years?! And it doesn’t help that Dan DiDio is currently in charge at DC. His idiotic stance on why DC superheroes shouldn’t be married, exposed how clueless he can be about things. Hopefully Scott Snyder brings back the real Batman, before he ruins the brand, and keeps new readers from getting into Batman comics.

  • Evan Galdeen

    Hey Guys, I haven’t read the issue, but from the review of Red Hood/Arsenal #4 here on the site, it seems to me like Jason Todd is being a better Tim Drake than Tim Drake is right now.
    Let me explain:
    The Tim Drake pre-52 would have been back in Gotham the moment Bat-Bunny showed up, with the knowledge of who Bat-Bunny is and a way to defeat him if necessary.
    The Tim Drake of the New 52/DCYou is a self-obsessed little brat that has not even reacted to the fact that his mentor is apparently DEAD.
    I know you guys probably feel similarly that Tim Drake is a conundrum these days, but I just wanted to share my thoughts.