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Episode 17



In this episode Tim, Dane and Terence talk about The Dark Knight Rises and the Oscars, how Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was snubbed by Annie Hall for Best Picture, whether The Reader was worthy of stealing The Dark Knight's nomination for Best Picture in 2008, Beware The Batman, the comic solicitations for February, The Dark Knight Rises unreleased one sheets, The Dark Knight Returns Part 2 DVD, and cover all of the comics from the past two weeks.



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  • Alex

    I never would have thought of the Phantasm. I would be really interested in how Scott Snyder would handle it. Bane is my favorite villain, so at first I jumped at that as being my first choice for what I want Scott Snyder to tackle next, but now all I can think of how awesome it would be to have a Phantasm story! The Mask of the Phantasm is not only my favorite comic book movie, but in my top 4 movies of all time. I agree with Riddler needing a great story. I think Scott Synder's darker style of writing would be perfect in making Riddler a much bigger threat of a villain. They did a phenomenal job in Arkham City, with the "Saw" like traps.  I would have been satisfied if Bane didn't get a great story for awhile, because he already had some great stories in the 90's, such as Vengeance of Bane, Knightfall, Bane of the Demon, and Batman: Legacy. However, with his recent portrayals, he's become a big joke to the mainstream media. The Arkham games took every misconception about him and used that for their interpretation of him. It saddens me that he's just defined by Venom. It's unfortunate that they had to cut the scenes in the Dark Knight Rises that were supposed to show how Bane's training paralleled Bruce's. I still really liked Nolan's interpretation and wouldn't mind if they took it and fleshed it out more.
    I hope you're right about the Dark Knight Rises getting awards that rewarded the whole trilogy. I was so glad when the Return of the King got all those rewards. It's a shame that the critics can't get over their prejudices against comic book or action movies. I honestly believe that the only reason Heath Ledger got the award was because he died. If that's true, that's so disappointing, because he gave one of the most incredible performances on film.
    Great episode as always guys!

  • Terence

    Hi Alex
    Thanks for the comments. It seems like DC Comics works best when they take the best interpretations of characters in other media just as they are and then add more to their story. I think the best example of this is what they did with Renee Montoya. They took her right out of the animated series and stayed true to her core, but then added all these great layers to her. I hope we will see her soon in the new 52.
    As much as I’d love to see Batman sweep the Oscars, if it wins or not, it will not change how much I love all three films. I just saw Lincoln and that was amazing, so if Lincoln wins a bunch of awards I’ll be happy as well ( I am just as much a History geek as I am a Batman nerd).