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Episode 17


Episode 17 brings us back to 1991 to continue the story of Tim Drake. This episode will take a look at three issues; Batman #467-469, the Shadow Box story line. This is the quick return of King Snake. Is this the right time to bring back King Snake so soon? Well, you’ll have to hear for yourself. Thanks for tuning in!


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  • Jack

    Thank You so much for the new episode Rob 🙂

  • Terry Hughston

    Loved the episode, Rob! I’ve not read many of these early Tim stories apart from the miniseries and stuff from the ongoing and after. I love hearing you talk about them and the joy in your voice as you relive what are obviously great memories! And whether you put out two episodes a month or two episodes a year, we’re all right here in this journey with you. After all, everybody loves the Drake.

    Best Wishes.